JARS v46n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Dr. Doren L. Hinerman

Doctor, we have been very fortunate in having you serve as our Chapter president during which time you made it a very high priority to make meetings more interesting. You served as our representative to the Research Foundation taking to that your own expertise. We have appreciated your considerable research in the growth hormone, triacontinal. You simplified its use in experiments by using its natural source and unselfishly shared this information with all of the members of ARS. All of us have benefited from your efforts in hybridizing outstanding plants for the Great Lakes Region. You have shared your expertise in hybridizing through seeds, plants, pollen and cuttings to all who made a request. In doing all of these things you have brought honor to our Chapter and to show our appreciation, we present this award.

Dr. Thomas L. Ring

Our Chapter has been blessed with many fine members; some are especially energetic and helpful and need to be recognized for their service to the Chapter and its members. You have served as our president and as a member of the Board of Directors. Many Chapter auctions would not have been held without your assistance. We needed a chairman of a new program called "Plants for Members" and you stepped forward. Speaking at many Chapter meetings and sharing your thoughts on hybridizing, propagation and evaluation of plants has been a welcome event for us and other chapters as well. You have developed and introduced many new hybrids for the Great Lakes Region. We have been welcomed to your large garden from which you shared plants, cuttings, pollen and seeds. You have worked in many capacities to promote the good of the members of the Society. For these and all the other contributions - not mentioned, we present this award to show our appreciation.


John and Noralie Katsu

The Mason Dixon Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents John and Noralie Katsu the Bronze Medal for their many years of dedicated service to our Chapter.

•  For sharing with us their talents as artists designing many promotional materials,

•  For helping with the many public displays to further the love and understanding of rhododendrons and azaleas,

•  For many years designing and supervising the garden which has been the centerpiece of the annual flower show,

•  For years of faithful attendance and service on the Board of Directors, and in countless other ways working to benefit our Chapter and furthering the interest and love of rhododendrons.

George Brubaker

In recognition of his years of dedicated service in spreading the word about rhododendrons to the local public, the Mason Dixon Chapter is proud to present its highest award to George Brubaker. He has served the chapter in many capacities: president as well as chairman of many committees. George has been untiring in his devotion to the ARS and responsible for many people hearing about rhododendrons and azaleas for the first time, resulting in wider use of the genus Rhododendron in local gardens and increased membership in the Mason Dixon Chapter ARS.


Bob Porter

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Bob Porter this Bronze Medal in recognition of his wise counsel, never-failing good humor, and a steadfast support on the Board of Director and his years of able guidance as chairman of the MAC honors committee. By his generous donations of plants for P4M, auctions, and the Ginter test garden he has given the joy of rhododendrons to many. We offer our thanks to an exemplary member with highest honor. May 2, 1992.

Paul James

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Paul James this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of his service to this Chapter, notably as a member of the Board of Directors, vice-president, and president. For sharing his expertise in many kinds of plants, and in adding to our knowledge of the azaleas and rhodos for this area by the single-handed creation of his very extensive test-garden. It is with great pleasure that we honor him for his many worthy contributions. May 2, 1992.


Mark and Statia Kosloff

In appreciation for your years of dedicated service and participation in our Chapter activities, the Olympic Peninsula Chapter proudly presents to you its highest award, The Bronze Medal. Mark, the many hours of tireless labor at The Centennial Gardens is a great contribution to the success of the garden. Statia, your years as an outstanding hostess and meeting refreshment organizer has provided enjoyment for all. Together, your valuable and productive participation in club activities, work parties and shows is also recognized and appreciated. We, the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, do hereby acknowledge and thank you and are honored to bestow upon you, the Bronze Medal Award. June 1992.


Peter Kendall

Recognition is given to a man who has contributed in many ways to promoting interest in the genus Rhododendron and to energetically serving the Portland Chapter. He has presented programs at Chapter meetings showing his fine photographs of gardens and scenic wonders of the Northwest. He has worked diligently in the Chapter gardens and has been chairman of Chapter shows. He is noted for his original poetry and has written many book reviews for the American Rhododendron Society Journal. This Chapter is pleased to give its highest honor, the Bronze Medal, to Peter Kendall this 21st day of May 1992, Portland, Oregon.

Tom and Marge Barker

This is to give special recognition to a couple who have been very active in the affairs of the Portland Chapter. First, they were greeters at the door for Chapter meetings. Then they served as members of the Cecil and Molly Smith Garden Committee. They were in charge of plant sales which required their presence at all open garden days from 1985 to 1990. In 1988 they assumed additional responsibilities as Chapter officers. She served as secretary and he served as treasurer. It is with great appreciation that the Portland Chapter presents its highest honor, the Bronze Medal, to Tom and Marge Barker this 21st day of May 1992, Portland, Oregon.


Shirley Smith

A member since 1979, Shirley is synonymous with joy and excitement in the hobby of growing rhododendrons. She has arranged meeting hostesses for several years. The Study Group benefited from her keen, inquiring interest in the genus Rhododendron. Her skill with the computer is being put to good use in cataloging the Jenkins Estate Garden. With her husband, Clarence, she has provided several programs for the Chapter. Because she mirrors the spirit of our membership, Tualatin Valley Chapter is proud to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Shirley Smith, May 23,1992.

Clarence Smith

Clarence Smith joined the Chapter in April of 1979. He has been a driving force in the success of the Chapter ever since. His four years as a director, two years as the president and two years as past president are but the tip of the iceberg of his service to the Chapter. A leading force in the seven years of the Study Group ended in his taking on helpful direction of the Jenkins Estate Garden. This included service as the liaison with the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District. He was the prime mover in the establishment of the Chapter slide library and its maintenance to this date. Tualatin Valley Chapter takes great pleasure in awarding the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Clarence Smith, May 23, 1992.


Margaret Charlton

We present this Bronze Medal in recognition of your contributions in the organization of the 1979 National Convention and two annual shows. Your efforts in our show plant sales, the arrangements for our speakers' program and your willingness to share your knowledge of plants are greatly appreciated. We thank you for the enthusiastic service you have given the Society. February, 1992.