JARS v46n4 - Rhodies Featured in Winning Atlanta Flower Show Exhibit

Rhodies Featured in Winning Atlanta Flower Show Exhibit

For the first time ever, rhododendrons were a major ingredient in the winning garden exhibit at the Atlanta Flower Show held in March this year, thanks to Homeplace Garden which specializes in rhododendrons. The winning garden, "Ike's Retreat", was in keeping with the show's theme, "Presidential Pathways", and recreated the cottage built in 1953 at the Augusta National golf Club for Ike and Mamie Eisenhower.

The exhibit was sponsored by Homeplace Garden of Commerce, Ga., the Fockele Garden Company of Gainesville, Fla., and Mary Jo Means, Ltd., of Atlanta, Ga. Willis Harden, owner of Homeplace Garden, is a longtime member of the ARS and a past contributor to the Journal.

Ike's Retreat garden exhibit.
Ike's Retreat.
Photo by David Schilling

The garden exhibit won eight awards, including the Mayor's Trophy for the best in the show. Other awards were:

- The Fine Gardening Magazine Trophy for the most accomplished display of forced plant material,

- The American Horticultural Society Award for the exhibit of horticultural excellence which best demonstrates the bond between horticulture and the environment and inspires the viewer to beautify the home and community through skillful design and appropriate plants,

- The Chicago Horticultural Society Medal for the exhibit showing outstanding horticultural skill and knowledge,

- The Planters Garden Club Trophy for the most creative interpretation of the theme in a landscape garden,

- The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Award for the best use of distinguished horticultural material in a garden setting,

- The Grace L. Hightower Trophy for the most distinguished woodland garden,

- The Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association Trophy for the best form and quality plant material in a landscape garden.

Both woody ornamentals, including rhododendrons, and herbaceous perennials were used in the exhibit.