JARS v47n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Robert L. Blough
You have been an intensely active president, implementing many ideas and projects: establishment of slide and video cassette lending library; removal of restrictions on plants being judged only in test gardens; establishment of public relations committees in three states; and the raising of funds to rebuild Crystalaire greenhouses. You have been most generous in sharing seeds, plants, cuttings, and your expertise in hybridizing. As a member of the board of directors you have given freely of your time and legal knowledge for the improvement of the Chapter. Your involvement with the study group includes being secretary and editor of its newsletter. Your zeal for placing the Journal in libraries is well known. You served the Chapter ably as a member of the Plant Awards Committee, a flower show judge, an avid participant in truss shows and with donations of plants to our auctions. It is with great pleasure that we present to you the highest award we are able to give as a Chapter.

Michael J. Medeiros
The Massachusetts Chapter proudly presents to Michael J. Medeiros the Bronze Medal award for his generous, unselfish devotion, many years of valuable and productive involvement in Chapter activities, especially in the Plants-for-Members Program.

Jim Humphrey
The Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Jim Humphrey. During his many years of membership, Jim has always been there when a job needed to be done. In particular, his untiring efforts of establishing, building and maintaining the Centennial Garden at Fort Worden has been exemplary. For these and countless other ways, this Chapter is honored to present their highest award, with appreciation and thanks. May 6, 1993.

Wes and Hazel Tarpley
The Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) is honored to present to Wes and Hazel Tarpley the Bronze Medal in recognition of their many services to the SRS. Hazel, our current treasurer, has been performing this task for the past four years. She faithfully attends board meetings and is a frequent volunteer at Meerkerk Gardens. Wes is the perennial volunteer, always ready and willing to pitch in and help whether it be setting up or taking down show material or peddling our special SRS blend fertilizer. He is currently chairman of the photography study group and custodian of the ARS slide library. He is also a frequent volunteer at Meerkerk Gardens. We greatly appreciate your contributions to our Chapter and hereby honor you with this joint presentation. April 7, 1993.

Dennis Hendrickson
The Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) is happy to award the Bronze Medal to Dennis Hendrickson for his service and outstanding support of the SRS. He has served in many capacities: member of the board, show volunteer, program presentations, committee chairman of SRS exhibits at the NW Flower and Garden Show, past chairman of the species study group, past chairman of the photography group and regular volunteer at Meerkerk Gardens. This award is presented as an \expression of our appreciation and thanks for your efforts. April 7, 1993.

Chuck and Joan Bakeman
It is a great privilege and honor for the Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) to present its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Chuck and Joan Bakeman. Chuck and Joan have devoted many hours and much talent to numerous SRS activities over an extended period of time. They have acted together as show committee chairmen, general show chairmen, registrars for the 1985 national ARS convention and tour arrangers for SRS tours. Joan is currently serving as secretary of the SRS. Your contributions to our Chapter are greatly appreciated and we thank you for your service. April 7, 1993.

Bill Heller
The Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Bill Heller for his devoted service to the SRS. Bill has served on the board of directors and is past chairman of the photography group. He compiled a photographic history of the ever changing scenes at Meerkerk Gardens in addition to serving as the garden committee chairman. He presents excellent programs at Chapter and ARS meetings. When not presenting programs himself, his talents are frequently utilized in setting up and controlling the audio visual portions of programs for others. Bill also served as chairman of the Northwest Hybridizers Group and is an active hybridizer himself. The SRS is fortunate to have you regularly volunteer your time and talents. April 7, 1993.

Sue Greenless
While participating in the Oregon State University Master Gardener Program, Sue Greenless demonstrated an unusual interest in the genus Rhododendron . Her course assignment was the establishment of a Chapter of the ARS. As president, she has guided the organizational development, edited the newsletter and generally been the heart of the Chapter. As program chairman she has been able to introduce the members to many of the leaders in rhododendron horticulture. She is generous with her time, talents and enthusiasm to nearly a fault. In gratitude for her service and praise for her accomplishments, the Yamhill Chapter is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Sue Greenless.