JARS v47n3 - Gold Medal Award: H.H. Davidian

Gold Medal Award: H.H. Davidian

Rhododendrons have truly been your life work. No one can question your extraordinary contribution to the body of knowledge on species of Rhododendron . Your enthusiasm and interest in the genus, and the amount of your work and research is overwhelming. You are one of a small group that undertook to make sense of the tremendous rhododendron influx during the last century. Your major work, published in three volumes, allows us to share some of your vast knowledge. For many years you have been, without a doubt, the authority on Rhododendron species. A more worthy recipient would be difficult to find. Therefore, it is with great pride that the American Rhododendron Society awards its highest honor, the Gold Medal, to H.H. Davidian. May 1, 1993, Tacoma, Washington.