JARS v47n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Doreen Spellmann
For many years your efforts have enriched all aspects of Cal Chapter's activities that are necessary for a vibrant organization. You have served on many committees, as a member of the board and as our 1987-88 president. Your work as co-chairman of California '91 helped make that national convention a notable success.

While many of your peers are content to kick back, you and Richard have taken on the challenge of a new hillside garden in El Sobrante. This move from El Cerrito has not hindered activities there in your garden club and Moeser Lane. More than anyone else, it was you who transformed that hillside median into what today is known as the Miracle of Moeser. You continue to promote interest in rhododendrons through your volunteer work at Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Doreen, you are a teacher, a leader, a worker, a gardener. And you love rhododendrons. Your wholehearted participation and achievements for the California Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society merit this award of its highest honor, the Bronze Medal. June 17,1993.

Fred Collins
You have taken many years of experience as a rhododendron grower and enthusiast and inspired us to form the Cowichan Valley Rhododendron Society. You have served on many committees, you have always been available as a speaker, and you have been ready and willing to lend a hand at any club event. You have collected many rare and valuable plants in your garden, and you have shared plants and cuttings with almost everyone who showed an interest. Your advice is often sought after and heeded with great results.

In appreciation and recognition of the time and expertise you have given to enhance and develop our society we are honoured to have presented to you the Bronze Medal Award.

Stan Groves
As a very new society within the American Rhododendron Society the Cowichan Valley Rhododendron Society needed strong leadership. As a founding member you have provided both strong and enthusiastic leadership. As president you have always considered each member and the needs of the society as we have developed. We have benefited from your generosity and your interest in the various aspects of the society and other local chapters. You have welcomed prospective members and valued their involvement in order to encourage active participation. We are proud and pleased to be associated with you as a member of the Cowichan Valley Rhododendron Society.

In appreciation and recognition for enthusiastic leadership and consideration of members' needs, and the development of our society we are pleased to have presented you the Bronze Medal. March 1993.

Peter and Pat Stone
In recognition of dedicated team work to assist the Cowichan Valley Rhododendron Society to a healthy beginning. Rhododendron lovers near and far are welcomed to your garden to share in your love of the genus and your warm thoughtful hospitality. Pat has always a supply of goodies and the garden is always turned out to perfection. Many members have benefited from your generosity both with plants and useful advice. You have both served on numerous committees and you have helped at various functions, as well as hosted many special events.

In appreciation and gratitude for generously sharing your garden and knowledge with our society, we are honoured to have presented you with the highest award, the Bronze Medal of the Society. April 1993.

Dave and Ella Crabb
This Bronze Medal is awarded for their efforts as charter members of the Fraser South Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. Ella has served, assisted by Dave, as editor of the newsletter. Dave built cabinets for the library. They graciously open their garden, donate plants, and assist at plant sales. For their leadership and encouragement to the Chapter, we award this medal. May 1993.

Carolyn Dana Lewis
For your seemingly boundless energy and intense enthusiasm in promoting the Rhododendron Society. For your equal fervor in the promotion of the genus Rhododendron . For your zeal in generating interest in rhododendrons at the Chelsea Flower Show, which included distributing leaflets, arranging displays, and encouraging the purchase of our favorite plant. For opening your own garden to the whole city for several weekends. For donating your valuable time in serving as public relations chairman of the Michigan area and as secretary of the Great Lakes Chapter, and for founding the Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the highest award we are able to give as a chapter.

Melba Clarke
In appreciation of your many active years of membership in the American Rhododendron Society. For your loyalty and dedicated service to the Portland Chapter, which has included the generous donation of blooms for decorations and baked goods at many Chapter meetings. For your expertise and the good judgment you have provided during the years you have served as a member of the Awards Committee. For your graciousness and friendliness which has been evident to everyone attending Chapter activities. The Portland Chapter is proud to present its highest honor, the Bronze Medal to Melba Clarke. May 20, 1993.

Mike Stewart
We appreciate your friendliness, enthusiastic leadership, and the many other contributions you have made to the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. You have generously given of your time and energy to serve on the Chapter's board of directors, as treasurer, as vice president and as president from 1990 to 1992. You served on the Crystal Springs Long-Range Planning Committee. You have also worked on the Classifications Committee and helped in many ways to contribute to the success of the annual Mothers' Day shows.

In gratitude for your dependable service, the Portland Chapter is pleased to present its highest honor, the Bronze Medal, to Mike Stewart. May 20, 1993.

Laura Kentala
The Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) proudly presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Laura Kentala for her dedicated service to the overall activities and well-being of the SRS. She has served as Species Study Group chairperson; chair of the SRS Early Show for the past three years; and as a member of the SRS Board of Directors. This in addition to her more visible chore of "lady in charge" of coffee and cookies at the monthly Chapter and study group meetings. She is a willing volunteer in all other SRS activities including work parties at Meerkerk Gardens. This award conveys a sincere "thank you, Laura." May 6, 1993.

Paul Christensen
The members of the Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) proudly present to Paul Christensen this Bronze Medal in recognition of his generous giving of time and talents. In addition to serving on the SRS Board of Directors he has efficiently chaired the SRS Annual Show and Plant Sale for the past four years. This willingness to volunteer his organizational talents and time for the benefit of the SRS is greatly appreciated. He is also active in the Northwest Hybridizers Group and a volunteer for Meerkerk Gardens activities.

This medal is gratefully awarded to acknowledge your important contribution to the SRA. May 6, 1993.

Clayton Kilbourn
The Seattle Rhododendron Society (SRS) proudly presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Clay Kilbourn for his dedicated service to the overall activities of the SRS for the past 23 years. His knowledge of rhododendrons, both species and hybrids, is extraordinary. He is always eager and willing to share his knowledge with the newer members of the Chapter. Along with serving as the treasurer of the Species Study Group for 10 years he always seems to be around when it's time to set up and tear down a show, always doing any job that needs to be done. In addition to clerking and judging at shows he is one of the best plant salesman in the Chapter.

Your never ending enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your many years of service. May 6, 1993.

Paul and Ruth Anne Drechsel
Your years of dedicated service to the Chapter have earned the gratitude of its members. You have transported the containers for the annual flower show, helped set up and take down the tables, and have willingly helped in many other ways during the shows. You have helped unload plants and set up for our plant sale the last two years. Ruth Anne, you have done a superb job in your years as secretary, making the meeting notices interesting and informative.

In recognition of these and your other contributions, the Board of Directors is proud to present you both its highest award, the Bronze Medal of the Society. June 20, 1993.

Dr. and Mrs. John Mixner
The Southeastern Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society wishes to express its sincere gratitude to each of you for your unselfish and tireless service to the Chapter over a long period of time. You have faithfully shouldered the responsibility for the Hospitality Committee, which has added so much to the enjoyment of our membership. Furthermore, you have held several garden events so that others might share the beauty of the garden that you developed, as well as participating in the annual flower shows in various capacities.

In recognition and appreciation of these contributions, we confer upon you the Chapter's highest award, the Bronze Medal. June 20, 1993.

Bill Jenkins
Our honoree today was present at the founding meeting of this Chapter in the mid-1970s. As newsletter editor for more years than not since then, his witty style and flowery prose have played a large part in shaping the basic character of this Chapter; namely, warmth and sociability over pomposity and formality. His beautiful piano interludes during many of our meetings have been an added treat for us all. His marching-to-another-drummer approach in finding successful ways of growing a wide variety of rhododendrons in this less than favorable corner of the country has produced many smiles of amazement and admiration. We believe that he is the first to have converted a solid concrete driveway into flourishing beds of rhododendrons - raised beds of vireyas right smack on the bare concrete! And, oh yes, he has also served the Chapter as president, treasurer, secretary and membership chairperson and the District 5 as alternate director. His many colorful and educational program presentations based on his widespread travels and cultural discoveries have been enjoyed by all. For these reasons and more we are proud to present our highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Bill Jenkins. August 1, 1993.

Bill Paylen
Our honoree today is well known in Southern California as one of its foremost horticultural experts and landscape architects, having received his early training first on his parents' plantation in Indonesia and later, in the 1940s, more specialized training in Holland at the Koloniale Landbouw School. Through the years he has provided leadership for many horticultural societies here, including the presidencies of five of them, and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. With such notoriety, he has contributed a much welcomed aura of respectability and class to this small Chapter. In spite of a very full schedule, he has taken the time to also serve this Chapter as an officer (president, vice president, program chairman or board of directors) each year since its founding in the mid-1970s. His many interesting and educational program presentations, his leadership in helping to establish and maintain the vireya display garden at the UCLA Botanical Garden, and his faithful attendance and wise counsel at our many Chapter and officers meetings have been significant contributions over the years. For these reasons and more we are proud to present our highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Bill Paylen. August 1, 1993.