JARS v47n4 - Research Foundation Makes Awards

Research Foundation Makes Awards

The Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society has funded five research projects recommended by the ARS Research Committee. These projects were selected from those proposals submitted to the committee that were considered most relevant to the purposes of the Society.

The grantees and projects are:

1. S. L. Krebs and D. G. Leach, Madison, Ohio (David G. Leach Research Station of the Holden Arboretum), "Genetic Analysis of Isozyme Loci in Rhododendron," for $2,400.

2. K. W. Mudge, G. L. Good, and T. J. Burr, Ithaca, NY (Cornell University), "An Investigation into the Causes and Prevention of Tissue Proliferation of Rhododendron," for $3,000. Half of this grant is provided by the Great Lakes Chapter.

3. R. S. Cowles, Riverside, CA (University of California), "New Black Vine Weevil Management Strategies and Educational Programs," for $3,000.

4. R. A. Criley, Honolulu, Hawaii (University of Hawaii), "Controlling Flower Initiation in the Section Vireya," for $3,000.

5. B. K. Maynard, Kingston, RI (University of Rhode Island), "A Histological Evaluation of Gall Formation Associated with Tissue Proliferation in Affected Rhododendron Cultivars," for $1,000.

Members of the ARS Research Committee are: Warren Berg, Bruce Briggs, A. Richard Brooks, Russell Gilkey, August E. Kehr, Sandra McDonald, Gustav Mehlquist, Donald W. Paden, George Ring, June Sinclair, Robert Ticknor, Ted Van Veen and Mark P. Widrlechner (chair).