QBARS - v4n3 Minutes of Sectional Meeting of American Rhododendron Society , Seattle, Washington, May 27, 1950

Minutes of the Sectional Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society, Seattle, Washington, May 27, 1950
J. Harold Clarke, Secretary Pro Tem.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Donald Graham. As this was an ARS meeting, the chair was then turned over to President Sersanous who asked J. Harold Clarke to act as Secretary pro tem.

President Sersanous gave an account of recent activities of the ARS and also read the essential features of the auditor's report. He spoke of the necessity of local meetings and the desirability of organizing the ARS on a regional basis.

Mr. Graham suggested that the local members at Seattle be charter members of the Seattle Rhododendron Society to be affiliated with the ARS.

Mr. Graham made a motion that the local members of the ARS present at the meeting constitute themselves charter members of the Seattle Rhododendron Society, provided at least five members present consent to serve. The motion was passed unanimously.

Mr. J. Harold Clarke spoke of the desirability of calling the local group at Seattle a branch or chapter of the ARS, as it was felt that such a name might be helpful in preserving close ties with the ARS in future years. Mr. Clarke also suggested that the division of dues between the local group and the ARS be considered later after the ARS had determined the cost of its services, such as printing the Bulletin and maintenance of the Secretary's office.

Mr. Graham moved that the Chairman ask for a show of hands of Seattle members who would consent to serve as charter members of the Seattle group. The motion carried. The following five ARS members present, agreed to serve: Mr. Endre Ostbo, Mr. J. M. McConahey, Mrs. L. V. McKee, Mr. O. E. Holmdahl, and Mr. Linley Jansen.

The business meeting adjourned after which Mr. George Grace showed Kodachrome slides which he had taken in England.

A very creditable, non-competitive Rhododendron Show was held in the Malmo auditorium on the day of the meeting, and was to be continued through the following day.