QBARS - v4n3 Progress Report on Rhododendron Hardiness Questionnaire

Progress Report on Rhododendron Hardiness Questionnaire
Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Washington

The statement was made in the last issue of the Bulletin that a questionnaire as to hardiness would be sent out to a limited group of growers who have fairly large rhododendron collections. This questionnaire went out about June first to 50 growers. It was hoped that the information would be returned in time for a report to be made in the July Bulletin. However, the questionnaires were fairly extensive, covering about 140 named varieties of rhododendrons, with a blank page for writing in additional varieties, as well as species and azalea varieties, so that considerable time and thought are required to fill one out completely. In the hope that all of these questionnaires will be returned, a final summary will be delayed until the next issue of the Bulletin. Some of the questionnaires already returned, report temperatures as low as 18° F. below zero, and of course a wide variation in the resistance of varieties under these circumstances. A preliminary glance at the reports already received, leads the writer to believe that it will be possible to draw up tentative hardiness and quality ratings which will be very useful to American Rhododendron growers. Members who did not receive questionnaires but who have observations on a fairly large number of varieties, either as to hardiness or quality ratings, are urged to write for questionnaires.