QBARS - v4n3 Book Review

Book Review
Rudolph Henny

The Rhododendron Yearbook - Conference Number 1949

By the Rhododendron Group of the Royal Horticultural Society, 200 pages, 60 illustrations

Spottiswoode, Ballantyne and Co. Ltd. London

This edition is one of the finest as published by the Rhododendron Group. The volume is designated as the Conference Number, and contains all the papers presented at the World Rhododendron Conference in 1949.  F. Kingdon Ward writes a vivid description in story book form of Rhododendrons in the Wild. I am sure that this paper will touch every rhododendron fancier. The article by Lord Aberconway on Rhododendrons in the Garden contains many notes on both hybrids and species.

Dr. J. Macqueen Cowan, the great authority on rhododendrons, writes two articles, "A Survey of the Genus Rhododendron," and adds another chapter to his series, "A Review of Rhododendrons in their Series." Both articles are for the serious student and add a great deal in the clarification of classification for rhododendrons.  "Hybrid Rhododendrons," by F. J. Rose is one of the best, and most interesting. The story behind the bringing out of new hybrids in rhododendrons seems almost simple, and will create interest in hybridization.  O. C. A. Slocock describes many of the fine new hybrids in the English gardens.  F. E. W. Hanger describes in detail the propagation of rhododendrons, and the many methods employed.  "Rhododendrons at Caerhays Castle," by Charles Williams gives the history of the many species and hybrids growing in that famous garden.  "Notes on Some Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons" by Frederick Street gives a list of the rhododendrons that have given a good account of themselves in more rigorous climates.  "The Rhododendrons of Hong Kong," by G. A. C. Herklots describes the plants in detail as they are found.