QBARS - v4n3 Sixth Annual American Rhododendron Society Show

Sixth Annual ARS Show

The Sixth Annual Show of the American Rhododendron Society was held at the Chamber of Commerce Information Center in Portland, Oregon on May 20th and 21st after having been postponed from May 6th and 7th due to the lateness of the season.  Many of the Commercial exhibitors who had entered the shows in previous years were missing due to "Oregon's worst winter," (temperatures as low as 19° F. below zero). Although few in number, those that did enter put in lovely displays of excellent quality blooms. No awards were made on the Commercial exhibits.

The cut truss Section with 334 entries representing 168 varieties was not quite as large as last year but still quite a good showing considering the severity of the winter. Many fine varieties especially in the C. and D. Hardiness groups were conspicuous by their absence. The new classification system and key used for the first time this year seemed to encourage the showing of many varieties that were being neglected before. The Azalea group was the largest ever shown locally and received the greatest acclaim of any single group.

Mr. George D. Grace, the former secretary of the Society, won the Dr. Corbin Cup for the third time and this give him permanent possession of this trophy. Mrs. Ann Passmore, one of our newer members, won the purple ribbon for the finest truss in the Show. This was won on a giant truss of 'Pink Pearl'.

Cleveland High School that annually holds a rhododendron show was asked to participate in the A.R.S. show. One room was set aside for the High School exhibits. There were many beautiful arrangements which brought many praise worthy comments from the public. We all hope that Cleveland High School will accept our Invitation to enter our future shows.

I want to thank everyone who helped me and gave so generously of their time as well as blooms to make our show the success that it was. Special thanks go to Bob Bovee who worked with me for many months and relieved me of many details. I want to thank the society and our president, Mr. C. I. Sersanous for the opportunity twice extended to me to be Show Chairman. I am looking forward to seeing many chapters of the American Rhododendron Society and every one of them holding annual shows for the benefit of our many members.

Results of the 1950 Show of the American Rhododendron Society </p>

Held May 20 and 21, 1950 at the Information Center, Portland, Oregon </b>

CLASS 1-A-Alpines
2. Mrs. A. C. U. Berry, R. riparium , R. prostratum , R. sargentianum
3. Del James, R. ledoides

CLASS 1-B-triflorum series
2. Mrs. Cason, R. augustinii
3. Rudolph Henny, R. chartophyllum var. praecox

CLASS 1-C-Azaleas
1. Geo. Grace, R. vaseyi
2. Del James, R. calendulaceum
3. Mrs. Cason. R. pontica

CLASS 1-D-fortunei Series, single truss
1. Henry Swanson, R. fortunei
2. Mrs. Cason, R. fortunei
3. Del James, R. fortunei

CLASS 1-G-Single truss campylocarpum series
1. George Grace, R. astrocalyx

CLASS H-Single truss thomsonii series.
1. Mrs. A. C. U. Berry, R. litiense

CLASS P-ponticum series, single truss
1. Wales Wood, R. smirnowii
3. George Grace, R. macrophyllum

CLASS Q-Single truss auriculatum series
1. Mrs. Cason, R. griersonianum

1. Mrs Cason, R. carolianum
2. Mrs. Hansen, R. carolianum

CLASS S-Single truss barbatum series
2. Geo. Grace, R. habrotrichum

CLASS 2-A-Single truss orange scarlet hybrid.
1. Frank Burke, R. 'Day Dream'
2. Del James, R. griersonianum x 'Armistice Day'

CLASS 2-B-Single truss crimson hybrid.
1. Henry Swanson, R. 'Brittania'
2. George Grace, R. 'Jean Marie De Montague'
3. Del James, R. 'G. A. Sims' x R. griersonianum

CLASS 2-C-Single truss vermillion hybrid.
1. Mrs. Cayon, R. 'Earl of Athlone'
2. Marshall Lyons, R. 'Lady Bligh'
3. Mrs. Cayon, R. 'Bulstrode Park'

CLASS 2-D-Single truss any red with prominent blotch
3. Mrs. Chas. Norris, R. 'Lord Roberts'

CLASS 3-A-Single truss, blush pink hybrid.
1. Ann Passmore, R. 'Pink Pearl'
2. Merle Saunders, R. 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling'
3. Del James, R. 'Sarita Loder'

CLASS 3-B-Single truss deep pink hybrid.
1. Henry Swanson, R. 'J. H. Van Ness'
2. Henry Swanson, R. 'Countess of Derby'
3. C. Heller, R. 'Lady Stuart of Wortley'

CLASS 3-C-No awards given in this section

CLASS 3-D-Single truss any pink hybrid with prominent blotch
1. Mrs. Henry Cayon, R. 'Mrs. G. W. Leak'
2. Wales Wood, R. 'Betty Wormald'
3. Geo. Grace. R. 'Mrs. G. W. Leak'

CLASS 4-A-Single truss pure white hybrid
1. Del James, R. 'Albatross'
2. Mrs. Cason, R. 'Mother of Pearl'
3. M. W. Lyons, R. 'Queen of May'

CLASS 4-B-Single truss white tinged with pink.
2. Mrs. Cason, R. 'White Swan'
3. George Grace, R. 'White Swan'

CLASS 4-D-Single truss any white with prominent blotch.
2. George Grace, R. 'Mrs. A. T. de La Mare'

CLASS 4-E-Single truss ivory or cream hybrid.
1. George Grace, R. 'Loderi King George'

CLASS 5-B-Single truss any blue hybrid.
2. H. S. Slonecker, R. 'Blue Peter'
3. Mrs. Cason, R. 'Blue Peter'

CLASS 6-A-Single truss lavender and or lilac.
1. M. W. Lyons, R. 'Van Ness Sensation'
2. George Grace, R. 'Van Ness Sensation'
4. George Grace, 'Countess of Athlone'

CLASS 7-A-Single truss lemon yellow hybrid.
1. George Grace, R. 'Butterfly'
2. Mrs. Cason, R. 'Butterfly'
3. Mrs. Cayon, R. 'Zuyder Zee'

CLASS 7-B-Single truss cream hybrid'
1. George Grace, R. 'Goldfort'
2. Mrs. Cayon, R. 'Adrian Koster'
3. Mrs. Philip Hart, R. 'Unique'

CLASS 8-A-Single truss apricot tinged with pink.
Del James, R. 'W. C. Slocock'
2. Mrs. Philip Hart, R. 'Fabia'

CLASS 9-A-Single truss of R. 'Fabia' var.
1. Del James, R. 'Fabia'
2. Mrs. Philip Hart, R. 'Fabia'

CLASS 9-C-Single truss orange.
3. M. W. Lyons, R. 'Dido'

CLASS 10-B-Single truss azaleadendron.
2. Dr. Royal Gick, R. 'Broughtonii Aureum'

CLASS 11-A-Azaleas.
1. Mrs. Cason, R. 'Mucronatum Soikidera'
2. Mrs. Cason, R. 'Mucronatum Soikidera Lavender'
3. Mr. Del James, indica x oldhamii

CLASS 11-B-Three sprays of any deciduous azalea.
1. Del James, Azalea 'Marmion'
2. Mrs. Klahn, Azalea 'Adrian Koster'

CLASS 11-C-Three sprays of any occidentale hybrid.
1. Mrs. C. T. Hansen, Azalea 'Irene Koster'
2. Mrs. Cason, Azalea White hybrid
3. M. W. Lyons, Azalea 'Unique'

CLASS 14-Single truss of any campylocarpum hybrid.
1. Dr. Gick, R. 'Lady Bessborough' var. Roberte
2. M. W. Lyons, 'Goldsworth Yellow'

CLASS 18-Single truss of any discolor hybrid.
1. Del James, R. 'Albatross'
2. M. W. Lyons, R. 'Lady Chamberlain'

CLASS 19-Single truss of any elliottii hybrid.
1. Dr. Gick, R. 'Brittania' x elliottii

CLASS 21-Single truss of any fabia hybrid.
2. George Grace, R. 'Fabia' hybrid.

CLASS 22-Single truss of any fortunei hybrid.
1. George Grace, R. 'Loderi Game Chick'
2. George Grace, 'Loderi King George'
3. Mr. Cason, R. 'Naomi'

CLASS 23-Single truss of any griersonianum hybrid.
1. Del James, R. 'Day Dream'
2. George Grace, R. griersonianum hybrid
3. Del James, R. 'Esquire'

CLASS 24-Single truss of any griffithianum hybrid.
1. George Grace, R. 'Loderi Venus'
2. George Grace, R. 'Dawns Delight'
3. George Grace, R. 'Loderi Pink Diamond'

CLASS 25-Single truss of any Loderi variety.
1. Mrs. Cayon, R. 'Loderi Pink Diamond'
2. George Grace, R. 'Loderi' cross.
3. Del James, R. 'Loderi Venus'

CLASS 26-Single truss of any neriiflorum hybrid.
2. Del James, R. 'May Day'
3. M. W. Lyons, R. 'F. C. Puddle'

CLASS 28-Single truss of any williamsianum hybrid.
2. George Grace, R. 'Bow Bells'

CLASS 30-American seedling by American hybridizers.
1. Rudolph Henny, R. 'Pygmalion' x 'Tally Ho'
2. George Grace, R. venator x 'Tally Ho'
3. Rudolph Henny, R. souliei x 'Day Dream'

CLASS 31-Imported new hybrid. Never shown at an ARS show.
1. Dr. Gick, R. 'Lady Bessborough' var. Roberte.

CLASS 32-American seedling of any azaleodendron.
1. Del James, R. occidentale x 'Fusilier'

CLASS 33.-Single truss of any maddenii hybrid.
2. Del James, R. 'Grierdahl'