JARS v50n1 - 51st ARS Annual Convention, Oban, Scotland: An Update

51 st ARS Annual Convention, Oban, Scotland: An Update
John M. Hammond
Manchester, England

As a result of our on-going inquiries in respect of the importation arrangements for the home countries of delegates there is a need to update the details outlined in the fall issue of the Journal. Kenneth Cox, our Export Plant Sales coordinator, has arrangements in hand for the sale details to be mailed to all delegates by end of January 1996. These will provide clear instructions on the sale arrangements and how to proceed. In the meantime, please note the following details:

Delegates from the U.S.A. do not require an import permit providing that they take back a maximum of 12 plants. These may be imported as passenger luggage at international arrival ports of entry providing an inspector from the USDA service is on duty. These arrangements apply to soil-free plant materials not subject to special restrictions or prohibitions. So, if two delegates purchase five or six plants each these can be taken into the U.S.A. under one phytosanitary certificate and this volume of plants when packed would not be too difficult in size to deal with as hand luggage.

All Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Japanese delegates, together with delegates from Switzerland, Norway, etc., will need to bring import permits with them so details can be entered on health certification application. There is no 12-plant rule for these delegates; one person can import for as many people as he likes and take as many plants as he likes. In reality the limitations imposed by the airlines on hand luggage will in itself restrict the volume of plant material that can be carried. Most delegates seeking to import a wider range of plants will find it more convenient to place an order to be shipped by a specialist nursery.

Because of the large number of certificates to be generated, together with the administrative work in handling the import permit, etc., a provisional cost of £6-00 will be charged for each health certificate at the time of sale. The root-washing and packaging costs will be included in the price of the plants. Instructions on how to re-establish root-washed plants will be provided.

Hybridiser's Round Table
This popular meeting which provides an opportunity for members to make a short contribution to the programme is scheduled to be held on Saturday morning in the Corran Halls Convention Centre. Our Hybridiser's Round Table moderator, Kenneth Cox, is seeking contributors to provide a short presentation at this event; topics are: [i] Interesting foliage. [ii] Cold-hardy elepidote yellows. [iii] Maddenia & vireyas. [iv] Where now with "yak" hybrids? [v] General hybridization.

All Kenneth is looking for is contributors to provide five slides and speak for a few minutes on each. So get those slides out and get in contact with Kenneth direct at Glendoick Gardens, Glendoick.

Registration Waiting List
With the careful use of some "creative accountancy" we are pleased to have made a large number of prospective delegates happy by offering them places at the convention. The waiting list procedure has worked well to date and most, if not all, of those members whose names were noted at our information desk at the Portland convention will have received an offer of places at Oban by the time you read this update. Offers of places have already been made to all those whose name was placed on the waiting list prior to May. Ian Douglas, our registrar, had six names on the list at the time of writing and you should contact Ian direct at Cedar Cottage, Craigrothie, Fife Scotland if you are looking for a late registration.