JARS v50n1 - From the President

From the President
Herbert A. Spady
Salem, Oregon

Your President had to take some good-natured razzing at the Board meeting. I observed to the Board members that our organization has a legitimate name, the American Rhododendron Society, and that we are an international organization. It seemed to me that the use of the word "national" when referring to the Board or the Executive Director's office was inappropriate. So I ask that we describe our organization as "The Society" and Barbara Hall's office as the "Society office" or the "Executive Director's office."

There was almost no response to the change of paper in the Journal, but the few who responded had very pertinent comments. The 45-pound paper used in the internal black and white pages was observed by some astute members to be an acid paper. No paper of that weight is available which is neutral. Acid paper does not keep well. With time it becomes yellow and brittle. For that reason we will be printing the entire Journal on 60-pound weight paper. It is neutral paper and is slightly less heavy than the 70-pound paper previously used. This will allow a slight saving but preserve the lasting quality of the publication. Only one issue was printed with the acid paper.

Another item that came up at the Board meeting should be of interest to the membership. The Board has authorized the creation of a committee to study the feasibility and costs associated with electronic media. The entire back issues of the Journal could be made available on CD ROM; we could have a home page in the Internet and a forum where relatively immediate answers could be obtained to questions regarding rhododendrons and our Society. The possibilities seem very exciting.

Breeders Roundtable, ARS Northeast 
Regional Conference, Princeton, NJ
Breeders Roundtable, Northeast Regional Conference, Princeton, N.J.:  Werner Brack,
Holger Hachmann, Jon Valigorsky, Allan Anderson, George Woodard, Robert Blough.
Breeder's Roundtable Moderator 
Hank Schannen.
Breeder's Roundtable Moderator Hank Schannen.