JARS v50n3 - Gold Medal Award: Hans Hachmann

Gold Medal Award: Hans Hachmann

Hans Hachmann
Hans Hachmann

You began hybridizing rhododendrons in 1952 at your nursery in Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany. You have made more than 4,500 crosses and raised more than one million seedlings to flowering size. New hybrids are tested against a collection of more than 1,000 of the world's best hybrids located in your comparison garden. You have introduced and registered 218 top quality hybrids covering the spectrum of large and small leaf rhododendrons and deciduous and evergreen azaleas. As a result of their excellent qualities they rank with the most popular rhododendron hybrids today, and they are exemplary for the present state of rhododendron breeding in Germany. Your rhododendrons have found friends all over the world. We look at your convincing success with great admiration and we owe you much for your courage, your perseverance, your ability and your unflagging diligence. Your rhododendrons have made the world more beautiful!

In recognition of this, the American Rhododendron Society is honored to award the Gold Medal to Hans Hachmann. May 8, 1996 Oban, Scotland