JARS v50n3 - Silver Medal Award: Gert Forum Petersen

Silver Medal Award: Gert Forum Petersen

R. 'John Blair'
Gert Forum Petersen was awarded the ARS Silver Medal for his
work with species rhododendrons and his research on pollen
viability and DNA analysis. He was unable to accept the medal in
person at the Annual Convention in Oban, Scotland, although
Torben Stein accepted the medal on his behalf. However, on
May 14 Gert Petersen (right) received the medal "with an
American accent" from Warren Berg (left).

You have for over a decade managed and contributed to the Danish Chapter Seed Exchange. At the same time you worked with the American Rhododendron Society seed chairmen to eliminate the distribution of open pollinated seed. Your species seeds are highly sought after by seed growers. Your lectures on propagation are most helpful to all. You were a driving force behind the 1994 Danish Sikkim expedition. As a method of detecting species that are actually hybrids, your research on pollen viability, as well as DNA analysis, has much promise. For all your generous and gifted efforts the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Silver Medal to Gert Forum Petersen. May 8, 1996 Oban, Scotland

Gert Forum Petersen was unable to attend the Annual Convention in Oban and was presented the Silver Medal at a later ceremony in Denmark.