JARS v50n3 - An ARS Retrospective: Our Fifth Decade, Part IX, 1993-1994

An ARS Retrospective: Our Fifth Decade, Part IX, 1993-1994
Franklin H. West
Narberth, Pennsylvania

Deborah Upshaw wrote of Catherine Weeks' nursery in the redwoods. Husband Melvin says it takes a week to sit through her slide show! (1993, pp. 175-176) The Mullers, brother Chip and sister Sue M. Hacking, described a trip with their father, George Muller, led by Mohan Pradham to Sikkim in 1992 with great photos. (1993, pp. 182-188) A year later, they wrote a warmly moving obituary for their father.

T. Anisko and M. Czekalski described the Pontic azalea in Poland. (1993, pp. 189-191) Joann Foster initiated a new bed and breakfast program and invited all interested members to write her at Comox, B.C. Bill Moyles sent in notes from the Vireya Seed Exchange. (1993, p. 198)

The Research Foundation funded five projects relevant to ARS interests in the past year. Dave Goheen reclassified rhododendron subsections into: paucibloomia, relluctantia, susceptabilia, exasperatia, humdrumia, agreeabilia, and salubria with many nominations for each category. (1993, pp. 200-201) M.R. Paton gave tribute to H.H. Davidian, whose rhododendron studies over 40 years involved live plants as well as herbarium specimens. (1993, p. 201)

1993 Bronze Medals: by Great Lakes to Dr. Homer Salley, Don Smiley, Robert L. Blough, Carolyn D. Lewis and Felix A. Robinson; by Lehigh Valley to Lou Seeds; by Pine Barrens to Peter M. Musumeci and Jay Pratt; by Valley Forge to Wm. & Ellen Steele, Pauline Raughley, John & Betty Gross and Donald H. Mannion; by Whidbey Island to Lew Naddy; by Massachusetts to Michael Medeiros; by Olympic Peninsula to Jim Humphrey; by Seattle to Wes & Hazel Tarpley, Dennis Hendrickson, Chuck & Joan Bakeman, Laura Kentala, Paul Christensen, Clayton Kilbourn and Bill Heller; by Yamhill County to Sue Greenless; by California to Doreen Spellmann; by Cowichan Valley to Fred Collins, Stan Groves and Peter & Pat Stone; by Fraser South to Dave & Ellen Crabb; by Portland to Melba Clarke and Mike Stewart; by Southeastern to Paul & Ruth Ann Drechsel and Dr. & Mrs. John Mixner; by Southern California to Bill Jenkins and Bill Paylen.

Among new members in 1993: A. & K. Philbrick, T. & D. Finnegan, Doris Briere, Stephen Krebs, L.G. Gayheart, Lynda Scrivener, G. Pochlmann, Hankur Johanns, R. & P. Poffenberger, Piero Sambucci, M.R. Paton, P. & S. Dunn, T. & H. Phipps, H. & J. Faulkner, Sharon Whitney, Helge Larssen, J.R.P. Van Hoey Smith, Hal Bill, K.Y. Choon, L. VanBlyderveen, T. & E. Value, Dr. Wm. J. Sullivan, Carl Salsedo, Jakup Dahl, Linda Shaw, Lisa Bocetti, Fred Molyneux, Larry Coleman, Lady M.C. Lithgow, B. & G. Hoak, R. & D. Maitland, Joan Harison, M.W. Armistead, Regina Walbrecker, D & P. Zapf, R. Locklear, D. & L. Sather, Peter Tigerstedt, M. & J. Touhill, J.C. Yates and T.H. Davis. Death in 1993 came to: Vernon F. Wyatt, Wells Knierim, Maurice Sumner, J. Irvin Maitland, Harold Johnson, Ruth Brenne, Janice Carlson and Dr. Hermann Sleumer.

J. Culin, C. Gorsuch and T. Pizzuto at Clemson University studied rhododendron stem borers, photographed them in the act, and recommended controls. (1993, pp. 206-209) Lawrence Mellichamp described the Van Landingham Glen of rhododendron natives at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte started by Herbert Heckenbleikner and added to by Ernest Yelton, M.D., and by the late Donald Kellam, M.D. (1993, pp. 210-214) Joann Foster told of the dedication of the George Fraser Garden in Uclulet, B.C.(1993,pp.215) Kenneth Cox recalled his 1990 trip to New Zealand's rhododendron gardens. (1993, pp. 218-222) Velma Haag wrote of 'Haag's Peppermint', a Seed Exchange success: from a cross made by August Kehr [('Pygmalion' x R. haematodes ) x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada']. (1993, p. 235)

1994 (Jan. - April)
'White Lightning', thought to be a natural hybrid of R. arborescens , made the winter cover. Polly Hill told of her plants at her exceptional Barnard's Inn Farm on Martha's Vineyard where she had introduced many outstanding selections. (1994, pp.2-10) In "Tips for Beginners" Allan & Shirley Anderson told how to grow rhododendrons from seed. (1994, p. 10) Bill & Kerry O'Neill told how they toured outstanding Southeastern gardens in a rental car. (1994, p. 11)

R. Musselman and P. McCool at the University of California, Riverside, studied acid rain and fog injury to azaleas which occurs when the pH is less than 4: flowers were more sensitive than leaves. (1994, pp. 12-13) President Dick Brooks reported from the fall Board meeting that the Society was in the black, that a survey of the membership will be undertaken, that a new hardiness committee will follow the Spady criteria and that the ratings chair, Pat Halligan, asks chapters to contribute their "good doer" lists to assist new members' selections. District elections were held in Districts 4, 5, 8 and 9.

Fred Minch suggested that powdery mildew can be controlled by cleanliness, fungicides and proper culture. (1994, p. 19) Joy Bailey and the Cascade Chapter successfully expanded the N. Brockenbrough truss carrier for use on truss show tables. (1994, p. 20) Conditional plant awards were given to 'Gordon Jones' and 'Marley Hedges'.

J. Thornton, L. Cotton and R. Lee used an ARS research grant to study R. minus along the southern Alabama-Georgia border. Exceptional flowers were found along Kolomoki Creek. (1994, pp. 23-25) Peter Cameron extended his fragrance studies to rhododendron hybrids.(1994,pp.26-29)

New appointments were made at Meerkerk Garden: Kristi O'Donnell, director; and at the Rhododendron Species Foundation: Scott Vergara, director. (1994, p. 29) Barbara Leypoldt described the convention plans for Asheville, N.C., in early May 1994. (1994, p. 30) August Kehr tackled the mystery of the red R. maximum (RSF 75/137) from Mr. Mitchell, which blooms white, pink or red. The R. maximum (RSF 77/646) grown from seed from Gable and Baldsiefen is consistently red and yields reds when crossed with white. The variable one might be a chimera, Kehr believes. (1994, pp. 31-37, 47-48) The index for volume 47 is published in the winter issue.

Felice Blake pursued Kathy VanVeen's article "Facing the Name" in elucidating the history of 'Mrs. W.T. Thistleton-Dyer', named for Sir Joseph D. Hooker's daughter. (1994, p. 55) George Smith presented the Younger Botanic Garden, a satellite of the RBG Edinburgh. (1994, pp. 62-65) L. Clarence Towe found shortcuts (witches'-brooms) to short azaleas in Walhalla, S.C. (1994, p.66) Jeanne Mitchell told the story how 'Burnaby Centennial' was chosen in British Columbia. (1994, pp. 67-68)

John C. Pair of Kansas State University experimented with evergreen rhododendrons and their landscape exposure. Lepidotes under shade of honey locusts proved hardiest. (1994, pp. 69-72) From an upcoming book on the 45 sections of rhododendron species by Marianna Kneller, a chapter by Warren Berg on the Taliensia subsection, mainly in praise of R. bureavii , appeared. (1994, p. 72)

President Brooks described the form and structure of the ARS organization. Treasurer Bob Murray reported that our finances remained strong, with assets of $221,000, and a $61,000 excess of revenue over expenses which was added to the Endowment Fund. Sandra McDonald described how excess rhododendron seedlings were gathered for an annual seedling sale. The proceeds went to the ARS Research Foundation. (1994, p. 74)

John Basford wrote in praise of Maurice Sumner and his 'Mi Amor'. (1994, p. 75) Part I of "An ARS Retrospective" was published in the spring issue. The RHS will publish its Jubilee Yearbook in 1996.

Gordon Collier wrote in praise of the genus Trillium at his Titoki Point garden in New Zealand. (1994, pp. 83-84) "Tips for Beginners" discussed the top causes of death in rhododendrons written by Jan. D. Kelley. (1994, p. 85) Barbara Leyoldt looked at hybridizing along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hybrids of Reid Bahnson, George Beasley, Russell Gilkey, Russ & Velma Haag, Wayne Hutchins, August Kehr, James Todd, Jr., and Clarence Towe were highlighted. (1994, pp.86-88) Rhododendron watercolors by Elizabeth Cameron graced the center pages of the spring issue.

Medals in 1994: the Bronze by Greater Philadelphia to Bud & Marilyn Gressman, Robert Wilkinson, Brian T. Keim and Judy Meade; by Middle Atlantic to George K. McLellan; by North Kitsap to Tad & Fujiko Sakurna; by Olympia to Bill Melton; by Tacoma to Bob Ward and Marlene Buffington; by Cascade to Joy Bailey; by Cowichan Valley to Peter Kearns, Etta & Greg Cook and Joan & Victor Clarke; by Eugene to Michael Robert and Frances Burns; by Maine to Mark Stavish and Barbara Weinz; by Tualatin Valley to Dallas Boge. The Pioneer Achievement Award was given to August E. Kehr at the 1994 Annual Convention in Asheville. A Gold Medal was given to Bruce Briggs and the Silver to Edward W. Collins.

Among new members in 1994: Geneva Croft, D. Irish-Hosier, E. Jablonski, V. Simeone, Y. Nakayama, Bonnie Slater, O. & T. Langness, J. & M. Gandt, Tom Nesmith, Susan Horvath, Per Vestergaard, Eleanor Hubbard, Claude Benoit, S. Poff, D.B. Jordan, Merle & Vernice Cisney and Anne Kloppenberg. Death came in 1994 to: Dr. Max Resnick, John E. Beoggeman, Betty Gunn, Sophia Maitland and George W. Muller.

Robert Stelloh gave an interesting list of taste-tested plants by deer and cites a number of deer controls available. (1994, pp.92-93, 102) Anu Väinölä described the first phase of a project breeding winter hardy deciduous azaleas in Finland. R canadense produced seed in most cases. (1994, p.94-96) E. White Smith confirmed that petal blight has reached Northwest gardens. A sure sign: flowers melt away suddenly in a warm, wet spring. (1994, p. 98)

Bob Bondira made a very good case for grafting and why to reconsider it (Part I). (1994, p. 99-101) Esther Berry gave a good account of propagating deciduous azaleas. (1994,p. 103) Lynn Watt's species column discusses R. schlippenbachii . (1994, p. 103) At our 50th year in July 1994 our ARS officers were: A. Richard Brooks, president; Gordon K. Wylie, past president; Herbert A. Spady, M.D., Western vice president; F.H. West, M.D., Eastern vice president; Barbara Hall, executive director; and Robert A. Murray, treasurer. Sonja Nelson was editor, and Jay W. Murray was plant name registrar. District Directors were: Leslie K.C. Clay, District 1; James Ramsey, District 2; Lori E. Gangsei, District 3; Richard Cavender, District 4; Barbara Campbell, District 5; Virginia Craig, District 6; H.C. Gehnrich, District 7; Wilburn S. Smith, Jr., District 8; Jean Beaudry, District 9; Mary Beasley, District 10; Lloyd C. Hahn, District 11; Joan Schiff, District 12; Harold E. Greer, Director at Large.

What about the next 50 years? They're bound to be exciting, so stay involved and keep active.

Part IX concludes the "ARS Retrospective" series. Dr. Franklin West, a member of the Pine Barrens Chapter, is chairman of the ARS Long Range Planning Committee.