JARS v51n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Barbara Campbell

Your enthusiasm for rhododendrons is evident always when people first meet you. More than anyone else, you have put out Cal Chapter's welcome mat bringing in new members. Without hesitation you have taken on many, many tasks of the Society serving on committees, arranging tours, planning programs and acting as president for two years. For years you have been Cal Chapter's liaison with the East Bay Garden Center and have kept the memory of Art Whitehair alive by hard work at the garden named for him there. You represent Cal Chapter as District 5 Director and as our unofficial ambassador of rhododendrons around the world. Cal Chapter appreciates all your hard work, Barbara, and extends to you its highest honor, the Bronze Medal.

Herb Weber

Cal Chapter members are always thrilled to see your garden. On your Marin hillside, you have created a spectacular display with beautiful ornamentals, exotic treasures and an impressive collection of rhododendrons. As a plant lover traveling far for that special rhododendron, you brought an impressive array of rhododendrons to the monthly meetings and superb plants to the annual sales. The members appreciate all that back breaking labor that made the chapter prosper. You made Cal Chapter proud with your creative exhibit at San Francisco's Landscape Garden Show. The display of plants was also a fitting tribute to those who cherish rhododendrons. Cal Chapter is pleased to present to you its highest award, the Bronze Medal.

Roland Mayne

You are a doer! And Cal Chapter appreciates all that you have done. It seems that every meeting you attend, you are bringing plants in, putting up tables and taking down chairs, fixing the projector, calming the audio. You have performed many important tasks for the chapter including president, treasurer, and unofficial connection with the city of Oakland. All of this with your cheerful, sweet demeanor. You, more than any other member, have opened your home and garden for Cal Chapter board meetings and group tours. Your magnificent mountain top garden, a reflection of your many trips, is filled with an impressive collection of plants and wonderful rhododendrons. Many Cal Chapter members have something from your garden, thanks to your generosity and Gwen's talent to propagate just about any plant. Cal Chapter is happy to award to you - Gwen too - its highest honor, the Bronze Medal.

Paul Molinari

You are a constant flow of generosity with plants and with yourself. And you give definition to California horticulture by evaluating and distributing only the finest rhododendrons for the nurseries. Your magnificent garden is an inspiration to all who love rhododendrons because you set the standard for how to grow, plant and take care of them. You have kept alive the memories and the work of Cal Chapter greats, especially Bob Scott and his maddenii magic. You have no equal when it comes to describing a rhododendron and then selling it. Your enthusiasm is indeed infectious. We believe that the sweetly scented Rhododendron 'Paul Molinari' has the exquisite aroma of garlic and basil. We are delighted to award to you Cal Chapter's highest honor, the Bronze Medal.


Douglas and Janet Denkers

Doug Denkers has served this chapter, as its president and in many other ways. He's been alternate director for District 3, and co-chairman of the 1996 Western Regional Conference. Doug put in countless hours setting up a garden display at the ARS meeting in Tacoma and creating an exhibit on plant hunters for the Ocean Shores meeting. He has a knack for conceiving spaces where rhody lovers enjoy getting together. Janet Denkers has served as the chapter secretary and in many inconspicuous ways. Supporting Doug's prodigious involvement might have been enough, but she took on the task of registrar for the 1996 Western Regional Conference. Things couldn't have gone so smoothly if Janet were not a computer whiz and so unflappable. She and Doug have made their garden one of those places we all love to visit.

Robert and Phyllis Zimmermann

Bob Zimmermann has served this chapter well as its president, vice president and newsletter editor. He labors long and hard to ensure the success of our annual shows, securing judges, setting things up and obtaining plants for rewarding sales. Bob's knowledge of species and hybrid rhododendrons, derived from personal experience and visiting the gardens of others, makes him a valued resource. Phyllis Zimmermann has served as Truss Show chairman an unprecedented five times. She had the vision and determination to completely change the way things were done and continues to innovate delightfully. Phyllis is a valued member of the Board of Directors, especially contributing as a sensitive advisor on all aspects of aesthetics. With Bob, she maintains a magnificent rhododendron collection.


Jim Dick

On behalf of the Lewis County Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society it is my pleasure to award the Bronze Medal, the highest award that can be given by a chapter, to Jim Dick. During the 1970s and 1980s, when Jim was director of the Fort Borst Arboretum Society, he provided irrigation water free of charge from the Arboretum water system to the chapter's Rhododendron Garden. During the past three years Jim has taken the lead in the maintenance of the Rhododendron Garden. Jim has also published the chapter newsletter for the past four years. It is a pleasure for me to present the Bronze Medal to Jim to show our appreciation for all the support given to our chapter. Given this 5th day of September 1996.


Ronald R. Brown

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Ronald R. Brown this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of your many years of participation and service with our chapter. You and Norma have participated in many meetings and helped organize the meeting in Harrisonburg in 1980 where your beautiful garden on the hillside was on tour. You have donated many seeds and plants for chapter activities. Since your retirement you have become a driving force at the James Madison University Arboretum which has become the site of the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society's garden and the Sandra and Kenneth McDonald Azalea and Rhododendron Garden. Along with Dr. Norlyn Bodkin and staff you have personally helped to rescue and replant over 750 mature azalea and rhododendron special seedlings and named varieties, many of which would otherwise have been lost. For all this and much more we gratefully present you with our chapter's highest honor. Sept. 28, 1996, Richmond, Virginia.


George Gray

"Talk to George. He'll know." Those words have led to solutions to the challenge of growing rhododendrons encountered by many members of the Midwest Chapter. We are inspired by your efforts to realize your vision of hybridizing more plants that will thrive in the Upper Midwest. We value the experience with and knowledge of rhododendrons that you willingly share. We thank you for the hours spent in support of the Midwest Chapter as vice president and program chairman. We appreciate the beauty of your extraordinary garden and the plants you have shared from it. Were it within our power, we would grant you profusely budded plants and a lifetime of Zone 6 winters. We can, however, on this twelfth day of October, 1996, honor you with great appreciation, kindest regards, and the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal Award.

Eugene Paschall

Your efforts on behalf of the ARS and our chapter were, and continue to be, outstanding. These include serving first as treasurer, two terms as president, and as chapter advisor up to the present. Your organizational skill, general horticultural knowledge, love and contagious enthusiasm for rhododendrons have fostered the growth, prosperity, and reputation of the Midwest Chapter. Your love of hybridizing, consistent participation in chapter activities, hosting of frequent tours through your magnificent garden, and generous sharing of plants/plant knowledge have been an inspiration to all of us. Both your leadership abilities and your steadfast commitment to cultivating and hybridizing hardy rhododendrons have created the high standard to which we all should aspire. In recognition of the above, we present this medal with affection, gratitude, and warm appreciation. Oct. 12, 1996.


Joanne Campbell

The Olympia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly awards the Bronze Medal to Joanne Campbell in recognition of her years of service. You have served in many chapter activities and committees, vice president, president, and chaired the annual truss show. You were instrumental in compiling a District 3 cookbook, proceeds of which benefit the American Rhododendron Society Endowment Fund. You have compiled a 30 year history of our chapter, in addition contributed to both regional and national conventions. Your knowledge of rhododendrons and your enthusiasm have inspired others in developing an interest in genus Rhododendron . We of the Olympia Chapter thank you for your dedication to our chapter and to the goals of the American Rhododendron Society. April 17, 1996.

Doris Briggs

The Olympia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly awards the Bronze Medal to Doris Briggs in recognition of her years of service. As a charter member, for over 30 years you have been a generous and unselfish supporter of the chapter. You have contributed to the success of the chapter through donation of plants for monthly raffles and door prizes, providing a meeting place for chapter meetings, activities, and by participating in numerous discussions and programs. We of the Olympia Chapter thank you for your dedication to our chapter and to the goals of the American Rhododendron Society. April 17, 1996.


Hubert Andrew

The membership of the Scottish Rhododendron Society wishes to express their gratitude to Hubert Andrew for his hard work as both secretary and treasurer of the society since 1988. Hubert has been largely responsible for driving the chapter forward over the last seven years, when the membership has risen sharply from 120 to 228 full members. Hubert has organised book sales throughout the year and along with his wife Bet, plant sales at our annual shows. Thanks to his supreme efforts in strengthening the society, we have been able to host the 1996 Annual Convention. The directors are therefore delighted to present him with the Scottish Rhododendron Society's highest award, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society, our parent body. Given at Oban this day 8th May 1996.

John M. Hammond

The membership of the Scottish Rhododendron Society wishes to express their gratitude to John M. Hammond for taking on the enormous task of manager for the Annual Convention of the American Rhododendron Society in Oban, Scotland 1996. It is extremely doubtful if the Convention would ever have been as well organised or as broad ranging without John's hard and extremely efficient work. The directors are therefore delighted to present him with the Scottish Rhododendron Society's highest award, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society, our parent body. Given at Oban this day 8th May 1996.