JARS v51n1 - Announcement of Research Grant

Announcement of Research Grant
Dr. Benjamin D. Hall
Chairman, ARS Research Committee
Dept. of Botany, University of Washington
Seattle, WA

The Research Committee of the American Rhododendron Society wishes to announce an annual award competition for research on rhododendrons and azaleas. The deadline for submitting applications is March 15, 1997, and awards will be made by July 1, 1997, for those applications deemed to be most deserving of support. ARS research grants are intended to fund projects of limited scope or to provide "seed money" for larger studies. Traditionally, these awards have not exceeded $3,000. The occasional larger award (up to $6,000) is now contemplated. These funds may be used over a period of one to three years, at the discretion of the recipient, except that funds may not be used for institutional overhead. Grants are provided by the Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society with the understanding that research results will be published in the Journal American Rhododendron Society , a refereed publication. A sample copy and "Guidelines for Authors of Research Papers" may be obtained from Ms. Sonja Nelson, Editor.

Those applicants unfamiliar with research already reported in the Journal may also benefit from reviewing back issues of the Journal, which is available in many horticultural libraries.

Proposals are evaluated by the ARS Research Committee in light of the proposal's potential interest to the Society's members and the probability of successful accomplishment of the project goals. Applications for 1997 grants must be received by the chairman of the Research Committee by March 15, 1997. A format for proposals is available from the chairman, along with a listing of "Areas of Research on Rhododendrons & Azaleas of Interest to the American Rhododendron Society." Up to four pages of supplemental information may be submitted with completed proposals. Thirteen copies of each proposal and of any supplemental information should be sent to: Dr. Benjamin D. Hall.

Grant award for 1996:

The ARS Research Foundation awarded a grant in 1996 to: Dr. Rajeev Arora, West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va. The award was for $3,000 and the title is: The Physiological and Genetic Characterization of Rhododendron Populations Segregating for Cold-hardiness.