JARS v51n3 - Gold Medal Award: Henry A. Schannen

Gold Medal Award: Henry A. Schannen

Hank Schannen
Henry A. Schannen

You have served with distinction as a chapter president, an American Rhododendron Society director, a member of the Rhododendron Species Foundation Board, a member and as chairman of the American Rhododendron Society Research Foundation, and an unofficial ambassador for the Society throughout the United States, Canada, and Germany.

You have been tireless in furthering the appreciation of the genus Rhododendron ; promoting rhododendron research; providing information and help to individuals; and supporting rhododendron organizations.

You have been an ambassador at large, introducing rhododendron people from one area to people, gardens, and nurseries in other areas. Your efforts have introduced many choice rhododendrons from other areas to gardens on the East Coast.

Your enthusiasm and dedication to advancing the genus through hybridizing has resulted in new, superior plants from your own crosses and from the crosses of those you have encouraged and assisted.

In recognition of your many accomplishments, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Gold Medal to Henry A. Schannen. May 10, 1997. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.