JARS v51n3 - Silver Medal Award: Lynn Watts

Silver Medal Award: Lynn Watts

Lynn Watts
Lynn Watts

Your efforts, over the years, on behalf of the genus Rhododendron and for those who grow these beautiful plants, are outstanding. You have delivered lectures about your experience and knowledge in growing rhododendrons and your travels to most of the chapters in Washington and British Columbia. You have generously supplied your rhododendrons to many of these chapters to give their members an opportunity to grow these exceptional plants.

Your efforts have helped to greatly increase ARS members' knowledge and appreciation of rhododendrons. You have spoken at ARS conventions on both the East Coast and West Coast of North American and in New Zealand. Your presentations on the smaller species are especially outstanding. You have made a host of good friends wherever you have gone.

Your articles, printed in many chapter newsletters and in the ARS Journal, have been very informative and were well received.

For your many valuable contributions, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to award the Silver Medal to Lynn Watts. May 10, 1977. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.