JARS v51n3 - Silver Medal Award: Ken & Dot Gibson

Silver Medal Award: Ken & Dot Gibson

Ken & Dot Gibson
Ken & Dot Gibson

For the past 20 years you both have unselfishly given time, energy, and resources to promote the genus Rhododendron . Your dedication and enthusiasm have inspired interest and a desire for knowledge about propagation, care and cultivation of rhododendrons. Your leadership helped stimulate the tremendous growth in District 1 membership over the last several years. Your warm hospitality and generosity, to your peers, friends, and visitors from around the world, is renowned.

You have each made significant individual contributions and worked well as a team. His persistent dedication studying the cause and effect of powdery mildew on rhododendrons and sharing this knowledge is widely recognized and appreciated. Her organizational skills, warm support, and encouragement have been an important part of the teamwork supporting their accomplishments.

The development of your breathtaking "hill top" rhododendron garden, which you have gladly and willingly opened to all, is an admirable feat of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Your efforts have been an inspiration to rhododendron enthusiasts and instrumental in encouraging hundreds to visit your West Coast garden.

In grateful recognition of your contributions, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Silver Medal to "ambassadors extraordinaire," Ken and Dot Gibson. May 10, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.