JARS v52n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Louise Allen

Louise Allen was presented the Bronze Medal for her many years of continued support of and interest in the chapter. It was she who conceived the idea of having garden clubs develop the grounds at the Atlanta History Center and worked so closely with Frank Smith when he was president in the selection of the prime site that the garden occupies. She caused the original water connection to be put in. Louise was also instrumental in getting several large trees pruned in order to insure good plant growth and bloom, not a popular project with all concerned. She has continued to lend aid and encouragement to every garden chairman since that time. The chapter is also indebted to her for helping us secure its perfect sales location during the years of the annual History Center Plant Sale. With Louise's support, the Azalea Chapter's presence at the Atlanta History Center would not be nearly so prominent or so serendipitous.

Helen Baldwin

Helen Baldwin was presented the Bronze Medal in appreciation for her many years of service to the chapter. She has given unstintingly of her time and talents in any instance when they have been needed. For many years, Helen assumed responsibility for the Winners' Table at the chapter's annual flower shows. She solicited funds for the cost of the special awards and purchased them and the show ribbons. She also staged the Awards Table and tabulated results to determine who received the various prizes. She has done everything connected with our shows, including being show chairman. She did an outstanding job as membership chairman, sending pertinent materials and questionnaires to those who joined and greeting them at meetings. She is currently serving as the chapter's treasurer, a difficult and time consuming position. When her help is needed on any project, Helen never refuses or complains, always executing her responsibilities in a timely, thorough, and accurate manner.

Mary and George Beasley

During the years of the Azalea Chapter's existence, Mary and George Beasley provided leadership and encouragement and shared unselfishly their knowledge and their plants. Their Transplant Nursery was the first in the Georgia/South Carolina area dedicated to the propagation and sale of rhododendrons, including evergreen and deciduous azaleas. They continually donated specimens of rare and sought-after varieties for door prizes and plant auctions. They hosted garden tours and social events, not only for our chapter but for the William Bartram chapter as well - events where rhodoholics could meet, share their enthusiasms and compare notes. A mesmerizing speaker, George was much in demand at chapter meetings and on regional programs. He was always willing to discourse knowledgeably and entertainingly on any topic dealing with rhodies and their kin. He also conducted trips to Trey Mountain, where he knew the hideaways of the outstanding native azaleas, including several rare double ones. Since George's death, Mary and her son, Jeff, and his wife, Lisa, have continued the running of the nursery and the generous plant policy toward the Azalea Chapter, once donating the plants from an entire greenhouse for repotting and sale as we saw fit. Mary is also a sought-after speaker and rhododendron judge. She served for many years as Director of ARS District 10, our official representative on the ARS Board of Directors. During the six years she held this position, Mary attended every ARS board meeting and reported faithfully its policies and actions to district members. She also articulated chapter concerns to the board. Her tenure was a truly outstanding one. The Azalea Chapter is much indebted to George and Mary for encouraging Jeff and Lisa to follow in their footsteps.

Vincent Bell

Vince has long been a member of the Azalea Chapter and a faithful attendant at its meetings. As he prepared for his retirement from a busy pathology practice, he became more and more involved in chapter affairs and was elected vice president of the organization. Responsible for the monthly programs, his were always timely and the speakers interesting, informative and well-prepared. His subsequent presidency was innovative and productive. He encouraged the chapter to become involved with other organizations and programs that enhanced its visibility and promoted the popularity of rhododendrons and native azaleas. As a result, our membership grew. He played an important part in the planning of the ARS District 10 Conference, held in Commerce, and he made most of the arrangements for the last regional conference, held in Gwinnett County. Vince has also served as our flower show chairman and as plant sale chairman, as well as donating plants to chapter plant sales and to incidental sales held at meetings and special events. He has done much to popularize the Fred Hamilton Garden in the North Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds. Vince has donated many additional plants and he works closely with the Hiawassee Lions' Club and the other organizations that built and presently provide for the structural improvements and physical maintenance of the garden. He has planned and implemented several Azalea Chapter picnics at the adjacent mountain top pavilion during bloom time. One year, he and his wife, Dorothy, hosted the entire meal for the huge crowd of attendees. Vince continues to serve the Azalea Chapter whenever and in whatever capacity is necessary. He richly deserves to receive the Azalea Chapter's Bronze Medal, its highest honor.

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson was presented the Bronze Medal in appreciation of his many years of service to the chapter. Over the years, Bill has served on the chapter's Board of Directors, functioned as a member of numerous nominating committees and on various flower show and plant sales committees. He is active in all chapter projects and never misses a work day at the Frank Smith Garden. He is also a persuasive and productive salesman at all plant sales. Bill is a regular attendee at most ARS annual conventions and, as the most widely known member of the Azalea Chapter, serves as a goodwill ambassador for the chapter.

Lewis Shortt

Lewis has been a member of the Azalea Chapter since its inception, and he belonged to the American Rhododendron Society before the chapter was organized. One of the most knowledgeable members in the area of botany and plant genetics, Lewis never travels without his magnifying glass. He is always helpful in identifying the genetic makeup of ericaceous plants, especially that of azaleas and their hybrids, and he serves on the Classification Committee at every chapter show. He is an active seeker of the rare and unusual and has discovered several choice variations of our local native, Rhododendron minus . He has named and introduced these as the "Chattahoochee Series." An architect by profession, Lewis is also an accomplished and intuitive garden designer; he understand what plants want and need. His own garden is one of the most beautiful in the area and he enjoys sharing it with visitors. It is always featured on our chapter garden tours. Lewis has served as vice president of the Azalea Chapter, is a perennial member of the Board of Directors, and currently serves as chairman of the Frank Smith Garden. The Azalea Chapter is proud to present its Bronze Medal to Lewis.


Charles D. Miller

American Rhododendron Society, Eureka Chapter, Bronze Medal presented to Charles D. Miller. This award is presented to Charles D. Miller, in recognition of his outstanding service to the Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. After giving over two decades of service to other chapters, Charles, together with his life companion and spiritual guide, Dolores, came to our chapter. Chuck has served on the Board of Directors and on every committee, giving his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and his love of the garden, to anyone who shares his passion for plants. Chuck's generosity has always been without thought of personal gain or recognition. Chuck has earned our respect, our friendship and our love. He is often heard telling rhody friends, "You're family." To know Chuck Miller is to know "family." Dec. 4, 1997.


Emile Deckert

Emile, the Mason-Dixon Chapter wishes to recognize you for your contributions over the many years you have been a member. You have been an avid promoter of the chapter and the society to the public through, for example, speaking to groups on the genus Rhododendron and conducting many tours of your beautiful garden, with Jane's assistance, of course. We appreciate your generous contribution of plants to various chapter activities and the advice given as a member of the Board of Directors and as a chapter member. It is with pleasure that we award you with the ARS's Bronze Medal.

William and Ann Mangels

The Mason-Dixon Chapter of the ARS is proud to present the Bronze Medal award to Bill and Ann Mangels for the many significant contributions you both have made to the chapter and the society. Over the years, you have both effectively and unselfishly given your time and energies to chapter activities. Bill, you capably served as the chapter president and as chairman of the annual flower show. Ann, we appreciate your invaluable assistance in numerous chapter activities such as coordinating the annual Van Veen order by chapter members as well as in its routine operations. More recently, you both put considerable time and effort into coordinating the highly successful 1997 Region IX conference. You make a dynamic duo. It is an honor to recognize you with the ARS's Bronze Medal for outstanding service.


Terry and Verna Richmond

Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Terry and Verna Richmond in recognition of their very high standard of member participation. Terry was our first program chairman and Verna soon became secretary, a position she held for more than one term. Even more important though, was, and continues to be, their involvement in every group activity - shows, tours, and conventions - they are always there and helping with enthusiasm. Terry's knowledge of both species and hybrids is a major educational resource for all of us. The awarding of this Bronze Medal is our way of saying thank you. Dec. 3, 1997.


Gwen Wright

The North Island Chapter takes great pride in awarding the Bronze Medal to Gwen Wright. Gwen, as a long-time member, has devoted countless hours in undertaking the many activities that help ensure the smooth running of the chapter. Whenever there is a call for help, Gwen responds enthusiastically. She has assisted in the organizing and running of the annual shows and sales in Courtenay and Campbell River, gets involved in work parties for our rhododendron display garden, helps with phoning committees, and has hosted a number of chapter functions at her home and garden. At our monthly meetings Gwen always arrives early to help set up and is amongst the last to leave. Gwen, your quiet dedicated service to our chapter is greatly appreciated and an inspiration to all. Thank you.


Moulton Prussing

For your years of dedication and commitment to the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society serving as president, vice president, contributor and willing volunteer in the Centennial Garden and every year at the flower show. For your generosity and support that reaches beyond our local chapter to the Rhododendron Species Foundation where you unselfishly give of your time and energy serving on the Board of Directors and as a member of the Executive Committee. It is with pride and pleasure and thanks that we award the Bronze Medal to Moulton Prussing.

Tad and Nova Thomas

The Bronze Medal is hereby awarded to Tad and Nova Thomas. It is a distinct pleasure to award the Bronze Medal to a remarkable couple who are a very valuable asset to the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. When volunteers were hard to come by, they served for two years as president, secretary and show chairman - all rolled into one. They added to our coffers with sweatshirt sales and led us cheerfully with little appreciation or acknowledgment for all their combined efforts. For a continuing contribution, year after year, show after with a never waning spirit of helpfulness we should now like to belatedly, but no less enthusiastically, award the Bronze Medal to Tad and Nova Thomas for a job well done.


Dr. John Pair

To Dr. John Pair, we the Ozark Chapter, proudly bestow the Bronze Medal. Dr. Pair, renown horticulturist at Kansas State University, is a founding member of our chapter. An expert on woody plants, he has tested and researched rhododendrons for our society in a most difficult climate. He has lectured at our meetings and is our chapter's most respected and admired individual. The host of our last meeting, he showed that rhododendrons can be grown in Wichita, Kansas, with proper site selection and soil amendments. Dr. John Pair, a pioneer with rhododendrons in the Midwest, is a very deserving person for our chapter's highest award.


Michael J. Bones and Daniel C. Bones

In December 1996, the Siuslaw Chapter Bronze Medal awards were given to Michael J. Bones and to Daniel C. Bones. Mike Bones has given over 35 years of constant service in many official capacities and his tireless promotion of the Siuslaw Chapter has brought many new members to the chapter. Dan Bones has given over 20 years of chapter service in many positions on the Board of Directors and as show chairman.