JARS v53n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Patricia 'Pat' Dahl

In recognition of your outstanding commitment and support to so many of the chapter's activities since its very inception; and in particular appreciation for your role as librarian, Fraser South Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the ARS Bronze Medal. Oct. 21,1998.


William and Marguerite Kautzmann

The Maine Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal Award to William and Marguerite Kautzmann in recognition of their work on behalf of the chapter. Bill has served as past vice-president and, from 1995 to 1997, as chapter president, with the time-consuming details that go with that position. In addition he has organized the Van Veen Plants-for-Members Program almost from its inception early in the chapter's history, a task involving many skills, from computer expertise and accounting to caring for the plants from their arrival to their distribution to members. Somehow he always manages to get excellent and unusual plants for the members. Each year, Bill has set up our display at the Portland Flower Show. In spite of health problems, he always comes out on top, his genial self. We include Marguerite in this award for her behind-the-scenes work to make each meeting at their house, and there are many, a pleasant experience for all, from the warm hospitality to the wonderful refreshments. With quiet encouragement and wise suggestions, she has helped to set our course. The Kautzmann's garden is a showplace of rhododendrons of great variety, which they generously share with other members. We are indeed fortunate to have them as members, and we truly appreciate their efforts.


Leo Blanchette

The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is honored to present to Leo Blanchette the Bronze Medal in recognition of your outstanding service to the chapter. You served the chapter as vice-president from 1984 to 1986, and then as president from 1986 to 1988. During your tenure, you began the practice of introducing program meetings with an educational short program. These short programs were an important innovation geared to the needs of the beginning rhododendron gardener. Over the years, these short programs have played a significant role in helping new members become experienced rhododendron growers. You have unfailingly used your vast knowledge of plant material and companion plants to educate the gardening public. Your speaking ability, writing skill, and interest in all forms of horticultural education have greatly benefited the chapter and the horticultural community. For all these accomplishments, this chapter is proud to present you with its highest award.

Janet Killeen

The Board of Directors is honored to present to Janet Killeen the Bronze Medal in recognition of your outstanding contributions to the chapter. You took it upon yourself to bring the position of recording secretary to a new level. Our meetings have been graced with your wit, good sense, and support for others. The Rosebay, our chapter's flagship publication, received countless hours of your patience and skill in support of its production. Whenever the need arose, you unselfishly volunteered your services to our chapter in many other capacities, always determined to give your best effort. For all these accomplishments, this chapter is proud to present you with its highest award.


C. Ray Doggett

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to C. Ray Doggett this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of his active participation and service to the chapter over many years. Most recently Ray served as chapter president after taking over suddenly on the death of Terry Sheuchenko. Ray had previously been president of the Richmond Chapter of the Azalea Society of America and has helped arrange several joint meetings of our groups. We have enjoyed board meetings at Ray and Alice's retirement home at Gloucester Point. Ray, for all that you have done we thank you and hope that there will be much more participation and sharing in the future. With sincere appreciation of your contributions, we present you with this chapter's highest honor. Nov. 21, 1998.


Len and Madeleine Simmons

The North Island Chapter is pleased to present the Bronze Medal in December 1998 to a very deserving couple, Len and Madeleine Simmons. Len and Madeleine are long-time members of our chapter who have worked tirelessly for many years in support of the many activities involving our group. They have assisted in the organization and operation of our annual plant sales with Madeleine being in charge of finances for several years. Len and Madeleine's contributions of flowers to the truss shows have added immeasurably to the show's success and have been greatly appreciated. Madeleine served on the executive of our chapter for a period in the 1980s. During our monthly meetings, Len and Madeleine frequently bring in trusses from their garden to show and discuss with other members and are eager to share their considerable knowledge of rhododendrons and companion plants. Len's organization of the slide show at our annual Christmas party for several years was always a great hit. In the past few years, Len and Madeleine have taken on an ambitious project to create a large rhododendron garden at their home site, literally carving it out of the wilderness. Their progress has been truly remarkable. The garden has been "on tour" to the public and has been a great inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of visiting it. Len and Madeleine, for your many contributions over the years, the North Island Chapter is most grateful. Thank you. Dec. 8, 1998.


Bob and Merrie Goodwin

Members of the Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society present the highest award given by a chapter, the Bronze Medal, to Bob and Merrie Goodwin for the many years of dedication and hard work they have contributed to our chapter. Their expertise as individuals or as a unit working together fills all the club's needs. Their ability to present publicity is exceptional. We know that if a job needs doing a call to Bob or Merrie will accomplish this. They provide their home for meetings or out of town visitors. They help where needed on all events including garden tours, picnics, and our annual flower show as well as at our regular meetings. Between them they served in almost all positions on the board of directors including president. For their hard work and dedication the members of the Noyo Chapter express our thanks to Bob and Merrie Goodwin.


Dick Kint

The Bronze Medal is hereby awarded to Dick Kint. It is with much pleasure and appreciation that the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards a Bronze Medal to a member who has contributed years of dedicated and enthusiastic service to this local chapter. He has served as chairman of our annual show and in that capacity has reached out to the community as no one else has to encourage participation and involvement. Each year on entry day he personally makes the rounds of gardens in the area and brings in trusses by the carload. There is no doubt that without Dick Kint's dedicated mentoring and encouragement our annual show would not be as wonderful as it has become. From the early days to the present he has been there for the hard work and not the glory and so it is with this Bronze Medal that we wish to honor his devotion to our chapter's annual show and his ardent support of the genus Rhododendron .


Dave and Jan Shepherd

For their service to our chapter as officers, as senior members and as friends, we are proud to award ARS Bronze Medals to Dave and Jan Shepherd. Every organization has those who shoulder tasks and assume responsibilities, those who provide the impetus to meet objectives of that organization. This defines the Shepherds. Since 1972, Dave has secured the trophies awarded at our shows. He has assisted in the set-up, operation and judging at many of these semi-yearly events. As nurseryman, he has provided numerous rhodies for sale at shows and chapter auctions. During the Western Regional Conference, he worked on the plant sale committee and was host/guide for the south bus tour. From 1976 to the present, Jan has built her extensive knowledge of rhodies and an expanding association with chapter and district ARS members and West Coast nursery operators. With this background, she accepted the challenging job of Western Regional Conference chairwoman. The success of this conference is tribute to her energetic leadership. As we continue with our mutual interest in rhododendrons, we are fortunate to have as friends and fellow enthusiasts, the Shepherds, Dave and Jan.