JARS v53n1 - Announcement of Research Grants in 1998

Announcement of Research Grants in 1998
Dr. Benjamin D. Hall
Chairman, Research Committee
Seattle, Washington

Grants Awarded in 1998

The ARS Research Foundation awarded two grants in 1998. They are as follows:

1.  Dr. Robin L. Rosetta and Dr. Sven E. Svenson, North Willamette Research and Extension Center; Insecticide Efficacy for Root Weevil Control in Rhododendron. $2,505.

2.  Dr. Rajeev Arora, West Virginia University, and Dr. Stephen L. Krebs Research Station of Holden Arboretum, Madison, OH; Mapping Genes that Confer Freeze-Tolerance in Rhododendrons. $3,000.