JARS v53n4 - In Memoriam: Avis Aronovitz

In Memoriam: Avis Aronovitz
Edith Davis

The Azalea Chapter mourns the loss of one of our most talented and active members, Avis Aronovitz of Atlanta, Georgia. She died September 12, 1999, quite suddenly.

he had served as corresponding secretary, newsletter editor, vice president, president, and most recently as chair of this year's very successful Flower Show. Avis was an expert in horticulture. She spoke to garden clubs, wrote gardening articles, and authored the book Gardening 'Round Atlanta which is now in its third printing.

She was always willing to share her beautiful garden, opening it up for the chapter's garden tours and at other times. There was always something beautiful to see - any time of the year.

The Azalea Chapter, along with her family and friends, will certainly miss her.