JARS v54n1 - ARS Research Grants Awarded in 1999

ARS Research Grants Awarded in 1999
Dr. Benjamin D. Hall, Chairman, Research Committee
Seattle, Washington

The ARS Research Foundation awarded four grants in 1999. They are as follows:

1.  Laura L. S. Burchfield, $2,990, "Soil Modifications to Enhance Rhododendron Establishment in Disturbed Urban Sites."

2.  Henry R. Helm, $3,000, "Western North American Rhododendron Species Project."

3.  Carole H. Saravitz, et. al., $2,500, "Physiological Factors Controlling Root Growth of Rhododendron catawbiense Michx."

4.  Parker Lewis Little, $1,500, "An Exploration and Study of White Rock Mountain, West Virginia, for Unusual Forms of Rhododendron Species."