JARS v54n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Mary and Jerry Glazman

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is honored to present the Bronze Medal Award for outstanding contributions to Mary and Jerry Glazman. Together they have striven, over the years, to make our truss shows run more smoothly and to be much more successful by tackling and improving the process in all aspects. We greatly appreciate their contributions to our chapter. Hence, it is with sincere pleasure that we present the highest award that, we, as a chapter, are able to give.


Bernie Guyader

On May 12th at the Comox Valley Rhododendron Garden, Bernie Guyader was presented with the Bronze Medal. Thank you, Bernie. You have been generous with your time and knowledge in assisting with chapter activities, such as plant sales, garden tours and helping with committee positions. Your interest and assistance in developing and maintaining the Comox Valley Rhododendron Garden is greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure to present you with the Bronze Medal, the Society's highest award. The citation reads: "For your support of the Society in always producing when requested."


Mardee Femrite

You have faithfully served the Portland Chapter as our Attendance and Door Prize chairperson. Your willingness to joyfully step forward and serve has contributed much to the success of the chapter. Over the years you have contributed hundreds of plants and gifts as door prizes at chapter meetings. Your friendly and gracious manner of greeting new and old members is appreciated by all. You also helped to skillfully organize and run the plant sale at the American Rhododendron Society's 50th Annual Convention celebration held in Portland during 1995. Thanks in part to your efforts, this highly successful event will long be remembered as a major highlight in our chapter's history. In gratitude for your many contributions, the Portland Chapter is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Mardee Femrite. May 18, 2000.

Dan Beasley

You have, in your quiet and unassuming way, dedicated much time and effort toward being a liaison between the Master Gardeners program and the Portland Chapter's volunteer program at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. You have done this by securing the support of the Master Gardeners and encouraging them to participate in the volunteer program at Crystal Springs. These knowledgeable, enthusiastic workers along with the chapter's volunteers, have contributed much to the well-kept appearance and beauty of the garden. You have also enthusiastically helped with plant sales, led garden work parties, and been an active member of the volunteer team at Crystal Springs. With sincere appreciation for your friendliness, dedication, and hard work on behalf of the garden, the Portland Chapter is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Dan Beasley. May 18, 2000.


Joy Hurlbert

The Shelton Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the chapter's highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Joy Hurlbert. Joy joined the chapter in 1982 and since that time has been an important part of the chapter leadership. Serving as chapter treasurer most years from 1988 until the present time, she has done an excellent job in this capacity. In addition she regularly works at the annual Chapter Show, helps with the plant raffle at meetings, and willingly performs any other task she is asked to do. Our chapter is indebted to Joy for all the contributions she has made through the years.

Gertrude Beese

The Shelton Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal to Gertrude "Gerty" Beese in appreciation of her many years of service. Gerty has been an active member of the chapter since 1973. During this time she has been an enthusiastic helper with the annual Chapter Show, especially in providing plants and trusses from her garden for display, and has faithfully supported other chapter projects. In addition she has served as chapter treasurer, and is currently completing her sixth year providing helpful leadership and guidance as a member of the Board of Directors. For these and the many other ways she has shared her enjoyment of rhododendrons, and indeed all flowers, Gerty is most deserving of the chapter's highest honor.

Joanne Campbell

The Shelton Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to present its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Joanne Campbell. She joined the American Rhododendron Society, Olympia Chapter, in 1986. She became an associate member of the Shelton Chapter in 1995. In 1998 when no Shelton Chapter member wanted the responsibility of being president, Joanne volunteered for the position and became a full member of the Shelton Chapter. Serving as president for two years, she brought her leadership skills, new enthusiasm, and pride to our chapter. Joanne's friendly manner and generosity are hallmarks of her professional leadership. This medal is awarded in grateful appreciation. May 17, 2000.


Norma and Jack Lounsberry

The Whidbey Island Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to recognize the contributions of Norma and Jack Lounsberry to the growth and well-being of our chapter during years of dedicated service. Jack has served a two-year term as president and both Norma and Jack have provided space and fixings for the chapter's summer picnic and barbecue. Both have helped at our plant sales and other chapter activities, and are active volunteers and supporters of Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens. We feel much of Jack's leadership as president was motivated by and with Norma's support. Jack is also well known for his "previously owned" garden tool sales. We are proud to present our chapter's highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Norma and Jack in recognition of their continuing support. April 26, 2000.