JARS v54n4 - Indoor Rhododendron Decor

Indoor Rhododendron Decor

Rhododendron souliei on a porcelain vase
Photo by Bill Dale

Lurana Dougan of Malahat, British Columbia, painted an image of Rhododendron souliei on a porcelain vase and donated it to the Western Regional Conference in Duncan, British Columbia held in September 2000. The vase was raffled off at the conference.

Arrangement using rhododendron trusses, a vase, 
lamp and tapestry
Photo by Dr. William Tolstead

Dr. William Tolstead of Elkins, West Virginia, created this arrangement using rhododendron trusses, a vase, lamp and tapestry. The lighter truss is 'Bonnie Bee' and the darker truss is 'Halliehurst'. The vase is Bristol glass made in Bristol England in the late 19th century. The pewter lamp is cranberry glass probably made in West Virginia. The tapestry in the background is French.

A new variety of R. phaeochrysum was discovered 
in Tibet in 1997
Photo by Dr. Mark Konrad

Dr. Mark Konrad of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, has floated rhododendron flowers on a shallow plate of water for indoor enjoyment. He finds that viewing flowers in this way helps him determine the quality and individual importance of color intensity and purity, especially when comparing flowers of siblings he has hybridized. The flowers last for many days - an extra bonus. A photograph can be made which can be used as a permanent record. For convenience in photographing, the flower can be removed from the water or hand misted prior to placing it on white plastic or paper plates.

by Chase Dooley