JARS v55n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Catherine Weeks

Catherine Weeks came to the world of rhododendrons as so many of her colleagues came - watching deer eat away at her roses. Since that day nearly forty years ago when she shifted the focus of her nursery, Westgate Gardens, to rhododendrons, she has been a source of information and inspiration for those who love the genus Rhododendron . She was a founding member of the Dr. Richard Anderson Rhododendron Club, which later became the Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. She served the chapter as both vice president and president and has been an active participant in the chapter’s shows over the years. The Westgate Gardens perpetual trophy goes each year to the exhibitor with the best yellow hybrid rhododendron. She has been an active hybridizer for more than thirty years. Among the plants she has registered are: 'Cougar', 'Angel Wings' and 'Arthur Charles'. She has also hybridized azaleas over the years. For her contributions to the chapter, the Society and the genus Rhododendron , the Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award this Bronze Medal this 28th day of September 2000.


Beverly Berg

As chairperson of the nominating committee for many years, you had the challenging task of inspiring members to serve as officers for the Great Lakes Chapter. You were a scribe and chief scribe for many years at the truss shows, and also worked to assign the awards and ribbons. You found innovative ways for use of the Women's Fund monies, to improve chapter attendance by rewarding members with door prizes and other giveaways. Your spirit and presence at the chapter meetings is well known. Handling chapter matters diplomatically and faithfulness to the rules are much appreciated. We all look forward to your column in the quarterly newsletter written with insight and humor. We are indeed grateful for all of the foregoing, as well as for the many other tasks which you have performed for the benefit of this chapter. The Great Lakes Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present to you the Bronze Medal, which is the highest award a chapter can bestow.


Marshall Majors

You have been a member and stalwart of the chapter since its founding and have supported it with your energy, wisdom and guidance. You have written for the newsletter, participated in work parties, served on the board of directors, been on numerous committees and have always been an outstanding participant in the chapter truss shows. You have encouraged the chapter to reach outside of itself to provide an experience that benefits the community as well as members and to support the intern program at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. Your participation and your wisdom have encouraged us all to be better members. With Edna, you created a garden that includes an outstanding rhododendron collection which you have shared with the chapter and the community. You have also shared your thoughts, your plants and your cheerfulness. You have given unselfishly to the chapter, to the community, to the American Rhododendron Society and to the Rhododendron Species Foundation. Thank you.


William Stepka

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to William Stepka this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of his long time participation and service to the chapter and the genus Rhododendron . Bill served as vice president and president during a period of transition for the chapter after the death of Dr. Thomas Wheeldon. His and his wife, Bonnie, handled registration at several chapter meetings. He was interested in deciduous azaleas and raised many seedling crosses. He had recently become active again in the chapter since the time of Bonnie's death and has graced many meetings including our trip to Scotland for the 1999 annual meeting in Oban, Scotland. With much appreciation for his many contributions to our meetings and fellowship we present this Bronze Medal, our chapter's highest honor. Jan. 28, 2001.


Jim and Jean Greig

Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Jim and Jean Greig in recognition and appreciation of all your endeavours in helping to sustain our chapter. You are both chapter charter members and individually you have taken on, over the years, the responsibilities of treasurer, auditor, director, chapter historian and refreshments convenor. You have both participated on many chapter committees and through the humorous and generous sharing of your time, knowledge and experiences, are an important part of the chapter’s backbone that has made M.A.R.S. such a great club.

Frank and Nora Allen

In recognition of your very high standard of participation in chapter events. Frank was the first vice-president and public relations officer. Nora initiated and maintained the chapter's history album for ten years. You have both willingly volunteered for truss shows and garden tour duties and have been loyal members at club social functions. Frank and Nora are also charter members of M.A.R.S. Over the years they have gardened in many locations, Frank's interest in gardening starting as a very young boy gardening with his father. Their previous garden was on the garden tour twice. In August of 1999 they moved to their present home in a townhouse complex where, even though the gardening space is limited, they still indulge their love of rhododendrons in a smaller but still charming, garden.

Tom and Vivian Richmond

In recognition of your unwavering and quiet support of M.A.R.S. As charter members you have been avid supporters of all chapter events, providing your positive contributions to the truss shows, garden tours and the many other club functions. Tom and Vivian have always been quiet but supportive members of M.A.R.S., lending their working presence to many truss shows, garden tours and wherever a hand is needed. Their garden is on a two-acre property at Sproat Lake, starting from about six rhododendrons in 1988 to its present size, and has been on the M.A.R.S. garden tour.

Jim and Joan Cavers

In recognition of your long-standing contributions to this chapter. You have represented M.A.R.S. at several ARS conventions and conferences, and you have both willingly and enthusiastically imparted information and education to the general public at our annual truss shows. Jim and Joan are charter members of M.A.R.S. and garden on a half-acre lot, of which 50 percent of the lot is their rhodo garden. Presently they have about 360 rhodos in their garden, including both species and hybrid rhodos. They were first members of the Vancouver Rhododendron Society and then became members of the North Island Society, where Joan held the office of secretary for a time and Jim was the president for one term. While still a member of the North Island club, Jim was the chairperson for the first meeting of the M.A.R.S. society and thus became M.A.R.S.'s first associate member until his presidency of the North Island society ended.