JARS v55n2 - In Memoriam: Frank Louis Doleshy

In Memoriam: Frank Louis Doleshy

Frank Louis Doleshy passed away Nov. 2, 2000, in Seattle at the age of 84. Mr. Doleshy, a member of the Seattle Chapter of the ARS, was an avid horticulturist with special interests in vireya rhododendrons and Japanese rhododendrons in subsection Pontica . He and his wife, Kay, traveled extensively in Asia to study and collect rhododendron species.

As a recipient of the ARS Gold Medal in 1990, he was recognized for his exploration, observation and photography of rhododendrons in Eastern Asia and Malaysia, for his sharing of his findings through published articles, illustrated lectures and seed distribution, and for his efforts in the establishment of a new classification of Japanese rhododendrons in subsection Pontica .

Mr. Doleshy was also an active member of The Mountaineers with four ascents of Mt. Rainier to his credit. He was a 1939 graduate of the University of Washington and retired from US West. He is survived by his wife, Kay; his daughter, Jean Jones; his grandson, Ronald Jones; and two great grandchildren.