JARS v55n4 - Rhododendron maximum

Rhododendron maximum

Rhododendron maximum
Rhododendron maximum (Rosebay)©. The original illustration by Christy Knight of Atlanta, Georgia, is 22" x 30", graphite and gouache on 140lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper.
This strong and subtle woodland shrub is native to the eastern North America from Nova Scotia to Georgia. It thrives in the acid soil of the piedmont region of Georgia and grows in
dense thickets on rocky slopes and stream banks up to 4500 feet in elevation. These thickets form walls 20 feet high along the Blue ridge Parkway where their breathtaking midsummer
blooms range in color from pure white to rose to deep magenta. This particular specimen was collected at the Port family property in Atlanta. Of particular interest is the subtle coloring of
the flower clusters. The flower petals begin in a tight pink bud and unfurl into delicate white blossoms. The upper lobe of each perfect flower bears a cluster of linden green dots.
Collection Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Port .