JARS v55n4 - From the President

From the President
H. Edward Reiley
Woodsboro, Maryland

The District Director is in an ideal position to work with sharing ideas, solving problems, and informing chapters about active projects and activities of the Society. Active, committed directors can greatly enhance the strength and viability of chapters in their district.

Some chapters are more successful then others in recruiting and maintaining members. Determining the strategies used to accomplish this and spreading the word to other chapters can be extremely effective.

A visit to chapters can be a great moral booster. Chapters need to know they are not alone in solving their problems and what resources are available to help them. The District Director should visit each chapter in the district at least once a year. If serious problems are encountered they should be brought to the attention of the Regional Vice President for assistance in their resolution. Problems should be followed up immediately with communication to the chapter president as to progress made. The District Director coordinates the nominating committee in their election of new District Directors.

The District Director sends a written report for inclusion in the ARS Board Agenda twice a year. This report addresses success stories as well as problems which need discussion. Chapter presidents should forward pertinent information to the District Director for inclusion in this report.

Chapters sometimes need encouragement in following through on ARS projects. As an example, we can produce education material such as the plant tag and how-to brochure; but unless chapters get these materials out to nurserymen, garden centers and gardeners, the job is not complete. People are generally down on what they are not up on. If the gardening public does not know about the ARS, they will not support or join us.

Chapters should support their District Directors financially for out-of-pocket expenses in the performance of their duties. We ask much of the District Director and should show our appreciation for services rendered. Chapters generally earn funds for this support through special assessment, contributions, plant sales, etc.

The Bylaws spell out the duties of the District Director in section 6.0-6.2. Check here to see how your director may be of assistance to you.

Your District Directors have a big job and I salute them in accepting the task. We don't expect them to work alone. The president and two vice presidents are ready to assist them in any way possible. Let's work together to strengthen the ARS and create a positive image.