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Conference News

2001 ARS Northwestern Regional Conference photo
Chip Muller of Seattle, second from left, invited by Northeast Regional Conference Program Chair
Bud Gehnrich, third from left, gave the banquet talk Saturday night. His topic "Eastern Himalayan
Plants and People: A Personal Family Perspective" featured not only his own experience in the
Himalaya but also his father's and sister's. His guests at the meeting are two Nelpalese women,
Nima Sherpa, far left, and  Nawang Sherpa, far right, from the Khumbu region studying in the
United States. Their hometown of Sherpa is the home of many Mt. Everest guides.

Foliage Show Results: Northeast Regional Conference, Long Island, New York, Nov. 2-4, 2001

Class 1
1st place: 'Pioneer Silvery Pink', Frank Furman
2nd place: 'Floda', The Fellers
3rd place : 'Bixby', The Fellers

Class 2
1st place: 'Hot Shot Variegated', Al Fitzburgh
2nd place: 'Tilly', Al Fitzburgh
3rd place : Unknown Azalea, Al Fitzburgh

Class 3
1st place: R. mucronatum hybrid, Frank Furman

Class 4
1st place: 'Phyllis Korn', Peggy Monitto
2nd place : 'Phyllis Korn', The Fellers
3rd place: 'Andrew Patton', The Fellers

Class 5
1st place: 'Frosted Jade', Bud Gehnrich
2nd place : R. pseudochrysanthum , The Fellers
3rd place: 'Cinnamon Bear', Bud Gehnrich

Class 6
No entries

Class 7
1st place: 'Rukizon' OP, The Andersons
2nd place: 'Nestucca', Frank Furman

Best in Show : Yak hybrid 'Frosted Jade', Bud Gehnrich

Photo Contests
Both the Western Regional Conference in Welches, Oregon, Oct. 26-28, 2001, and the Northeast Regional Conference on Long Island, Nov. 2-4, 2001, held photo contests.

At the Western Regional Conference, Bill Heller of Enumclaw, Washington, took both first and second place.

At the Northeast Regional Conference, Cathy Bird of Lindenhurst, New York, took Best in Show with her photo of azalea 'Ben Morrison'. Other winners in the Northeast Regional Conference photo contest were:

  • Close-up or Portrait: Cathy Bird.
  • Plant Habit: R. Gustafson.
  • Landscape or Garden View: Tom Ahern.
  • Artistic or Creative Expression: Tom Ahern.