JARS v56n3 - Gold Medal Award: Dr. George Argent

Gold Medal Award: Dr. George Argent

George Argent Gold Medal award
Gordon Wylie (left) of Eugene, Oregon, a former president of the ARS,
presents George Argent of Edinburgh, Scotland, with the ARS Gold Medal
at the International Rhododendron Conference in Edinburgh, May 2002.
Dr. Argent was honored for his work on the Ericaceae of Southeast Asia
at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.
Photo by John Hammond

Your dedicated work on the Ericaceae of S.E. Asia at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, covers a period of over twenty-five years. Your efforts provided the foundation and inspiration that has encouraged rhododendron enthusiasts world-wide to develop an interest in the propagation and culture of vireyas. You have made numerous journeys to S.E. Asia to study plant material, collect specimens, and make detailed observations. You have established an extensive living collection of this plant material under glass at the R.B.G., Edinburgh. This collection has made further research and taxonomic work possible. You continue to travel extensively to give lectures, deliver papers on vireya taxonomy, and share your knowledge in a way that is infectious to all those you meet. For your outstanding contributions to the plant world, the American Rhododendron Society gratefully presents the Gold Medal to Dr. George Argent. Edinburgh, May 2002.