JARS v56n3 - From the President

From the President
H. Edward Reiley
Woodsboro, Maryland

I take this opportunity to thank our board members and committee chairs for a very efficient, businesslike, get things done attitude at the Atlanta meeting. It was easy for the president to keep discussion on track and business moving forward.

The new Resource Development Committee already has two important projects, first to set up a $5,000 restricted fund to be used as a loan to chapters hosting Society meetings. Often chapters find a need to borrow money to cover pre-conference costs before any money comes in. This fund would be a short term, no interest, loan from the Society to be paid back at the end of the conference. See the Board minutes for specifics. Your support to this fund is requested. The RDC will also be searching out funds from outside the ARS to assist the Hawaii Chapter with development of their new vireya garden.

See Bill Mangels' report in this issue of the Journal for the Endowment Committee activities.

These activities along with our Rhododendron of the Year program and progress made by the Test and Display Garden Committee to make available a garden plaque recognizing approved Display Gardens and displaying this plaque from the ARS at the garden should bring some much needed publicity to the ARS as well as educate the public on rhododendrons and azaleas.

We have not raised dues in years. A great alternative is to support our Endowment Fund. Soon the Endowment Committee will be preparing a Capital Campaign to bring in contributions to the Endowment Fund. I hope you will be generous in your support of this worthy and necessary campaign to help secure the financial future of the ARS.

These are exciting times; the ARS is becoming very active in meeting the mandate as spelled out in our bylaws. We have put the process in motion, but it will not succeed without the support of you, the members. I ask you to put forth a little extra effort at this time. Get the details from your president, district director or executive director. Don't be left out as we proudly move forward. You can become part of a great success story.