Rhododendron serotinum..Maybe
Harry R. Wright
Courtenay, British Columbia

I have been growing a rhododendron that I bought as Rhododendron serotinum for several years. The foliage is as described in Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons, making it a very attractive plant in the garden, a little pruning here and there helping to remove the lax and straggling look.

The flower is pure white, with a touch of pink in the bud stage. The crimson blotch is missing in the throat. The plant flowers in July.

R. serotinum?

Only one flush of foliage is retained, and before the previous flush drops in the fall it turns a very striking red colour (every year).

Do I have Rhododendron serotinum ? Or is it an impostor, or is it, as the saying seems to go, being a species, it is very variable?

Even if it did not flower I would grow it for the fall foliage display. Is this a normal happening?

Mr. Wright is a member of the North Island Chapter.