JARS v57n1 - Silver Medal Award: Eleanor Philp

Silver Medal Award: Eleanor Philp

Eleanor Philp Silver Medal
ARS President Ed Reiley, Barbara D'Arezzo, Eleanor Philp, and Bruce Philp.


Your contribution to the mission of the American Rhododendron Society has been exceptional. Through your brilliant photography, your lectures, and your organizational service to the Society, you've helped foster local and national appreciation of the genus Rhododendron .

Your long career as a rhododendron nursery owner has promoted the popularity of rhododendrons. Your years of dedicated service to the Society began with your participation in forming the Noyo Chapter and your presence at its chartering. You have since served in almost every office from chapter president to alternate district director. For your remarkable service and creative activity, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Silver Medal to Eleanor Philp. Sept. 21, 2002, Bellingham, Washington.