JARS v57n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Diane Pertson

Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Diane Pertson in recognition of her continued support in raising public awareness of the genus Rhododendron and for her outstanding contribution to the society as bulletin editor for six years as well as serving with dedication on the executive as director and vice-president. Diane has consistently and willingly shared her vast knowledge of the genus Rhododendron with M.A.R.S., other chapters, garden clubs, rhododendron enthusiasts and interested members of the general public and is a major educational resource for all of us. Diane's liaison and knowledgeable support for the acquisition by Malaspina University College of the Milner Gardens and Woodland properties, a unique rhododendron species collection, is very much appreciated, and can now be enjoyed in perpetuity by everyone. She is also respected for her journalistic talents, by our chapter, other chapters and the ARS Diane is also extremely knowledgeable about the George Fraser collection and the history of this notable collector and grower; a knowledge which she shares willingly and freely. M.A.R.S. is very pleased to award the Bronze Medal to Diane Pertson and is our way of saying thank you.


Steve Hootman

The Seattle Rhododendron Society takes great pleasure in awarding the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal to Steve Hootman. Steve, you have shared your love and enthusiasm for rhododendrons in many ways. We traveled with you on your plant hunting expeditions through your slide programs. You brought many plants to our auctions and you used your expertise as a judge at our shows. As a valued member of the Board of Directors for four years, you have contributed time, ideas and good judgment. Our questions have been answered patiently. In appreciation of your dedication to the Seattle Rhododendron Society, we are pleased to award you our highest honor, the Bronze Medal this December 8, 2002.


Jim Smith

Jim Smith was awarded the Bronze Medal by the Siuslaw Chapter of Florence, Oregon, for his outstanding service to the chapter. Jim has given generously of his time, energy, and resources. His organizational skills and leadership ability have been invaluable to the chapter. He has served with distinction as a board member, president, past-president and show chairman. Under Jim's direction the Siuslaw Chapter's annual rhododendron shows have become among the best in the American Rhododendron Society. His propagation successes have enriched the gardens of chapter members and the genus Rhododendron . As "Dr. Rhody" in the chapter's monthly newsletter he has shared his knowledge of rhododendrons and horticulture. His advice has been of great benefit in assisting chapter members grow their favorite rhododendrons and beautify their gardens. Jim has truly added to the vitality of the Siuslaw Chapter by serving as teacher, counselor, mentor and leader. For his many contributions to the chapter, Jim was awarded the Bronze Medal on Dec. 8, 2002.

Kathy Bones

Kathy Bones was awarded the Bronze Medal by the Siuslaw Chapter of Florence, Oregon, for her outstanding service to the chapter. Kathy has served as chapter secretary for many years. She faithfully and accurately kept the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and promptly distributed them. She exemplified the great deal of patience and responsibility the job of secretary requires. She has brought willingness and enthusiasm to the position while sharing her advice, ideas and diplomacy for the benefit of the chapter. Kathy's good sense of humor has enlivened chapter meetings and made them even more enjoyable. She has opened her home to chapter parties, picnics, study group sessions and committee meetings. The chapter is grateful for Kathy's contributions and awarded her the Bronze Medal on Dec. 8, 2002.