JARS v57n2 - Human Hummingbird Takes Flight with R&A News

Human Hummingbird Takes Flight with R&A News
Dee Daneri
Fortuna, California

If you attended the Bellingham Conference, you may have noticed a very very tiny lady zooming around with the curiosity and excitement of a human hummingbird.

This was the first conference for our new editor of R&A News, Marty Anderson, from Northbrook, Illinois. A 7th generation Martha, Marty grew up within walking distance of the world-famous Brookfield Zoo. With a B.A. in home economics and work toward her master's degree, Marty first ended up in Fresno, California, teaching home economics and commercial subjects. Her interests and astounding energy led her to public relations work, and she was soon working in the nation's capital. During a brief stopover to visit parents in Brookfield, she accepted a position as Manager of Human Resources for the Portland Cement Association, and stayed 35 years. While writing manuals for employees and professional organizations, she fell in love with computers.

In retirement Marty stays busy as a volunteer chaplain, hospice volunteer, vice president for communications for her high school alma mater, and running DentalMac software for her dentist. It's our good fortune that she has also found a new love in the American Rhododendron Society.

Marty's introduction to rhododendrons began two years ago when she visited New Zealand and Australia with college classmates Paul Anderson, District 5 Director, and his sister, Marilyn Anderson Jorgensen. Paul bought Marty a gift membership in the Midwest Chapter, and Marty immediately became an active member. Her vitality made her a great candidate for Alternate Director for District 11.

The Society is always looking for energetic volunteers who are looking for work. When District 11 Director John Heinze brought our attention to Marty, it took very little time to recognize that this little lady was the perfect candidate to manage what she already fondly calls the NEWS!

Marty will be depending on those chapter newsletters to create R&A News each quarter. Let's all help Marty as much as we can. Congratulations and thank you Marty!