JARS v57n2 - Proven Performers: District 11

Proven Performers: District 11

The ARS Public Education Committee in 2000 asked chapters to compile lists of the best performing rhododendrons in their areas. Not only were these to be plants with good form, foliage texture and flowers, but also they were to be cold and heat hardy for the area and resistant to pests and diseases. The integrity of the lists is based upon the fact that the plants have proven their ability to perform well in members' gardens. The response to the request was overwhelming with almost all chapters sending lists to the committee. As a result, the Society and its chapters are able to make these lists available to the public to guide them in selecting rhododendrons that do well in their local area.

The chapters were asked to list ten each of elepidotes, lepidotes, deciduous azaleas, evergreen azaleas and, where pertinent, vireyas. Some chapters followed this procedure, while others included more of one category than another. No matter how the lists were organized, the Society now has a "Proven Performer" list of rhododendrons that do well in specific regions, along with culture tips specific to the area and, in some cases, sources for the plants. The Journal began publishing the lists in the fall 2000 issue, starting with District 1. The Proven Performers from District 11 are listed in this issue. An asterisk (*) indicates the name is not registered.

Elepidotes (large-leaf)
'Besse Howells'
'Paul R. Bosley'*

Lepidotes (small-leaf)
'Alice Swift'
'Myrtifolium' clone
'Olga Mezitt'
'Weston's Aglo'
'Weston's Pink Diamond'
PJM Group
R. dauricum
R. micranthum
R. mucronulatum

Deciduous Azaleas
'Mount Saint Helens'
Eastern N. American native species

Evergreen Azaleas
'Diamant Rot'*
Schroeder Hybrids
Shammarello Hybrids

Elepidotes (large-leaf)
'Ken Janeck'
'Mist Maiden'
'Pink Parasol'
'Yaku Angel'
R. brachycarpum
R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii
R. catawbiense
R. maximum
R. smirnowii

Lepidotes (small-leaf)
'April Rose'
'Madison Snow'
'Molly Fordham'
'Mrs J. A. Withington III'
'Weston's Aglo'
PJM Group
R. minus Carolinianum Group
R. micranthum
R. mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink'

Deciduous Azaleas
'Cannon's Double'
'Carlson's Coral Flameboyant'*
'Crimson Tide'
'White Lights'
'Choptank Yellow'*
R. calendulaceum
R. prunifolium
R. vaseyi 'White Find'

Evergreen Azaleas
R. kiusianum 'Komo-kulshan'
R. yedoense var. poukhanense
R. yedoense var. poukhanense (compact form)

Elepidotes (large-leaf)
'Blue Peter'
'Consolini's Windmill'
'Gomer Waterer'
'Hachmann's Charmant'
'Janet Blair'
'Michele Smith'*
'Nova Zembla'
'White River'*

Lepidotes (small-leaf)
'Ginny Gee'
'Northern Starburst'
'Weston's Aglo'
PJM Group

Deciduous Azaleas
'Apricot Surprise'
'Colonel Mosbey'*
'Golden Flare'
'Golden Lights'
'Mount Saint Helens'
'Rosy Lights'*
R. atlanticum
R. austrium

Evergreen Azaleas
'Kirin' (syn. 'Coral Bells')
'Delaware Valley White'
'Elsie Lee'
'Girard's Crimson'
'Girard's Fuchsia'
'Girard's Hot Shot'
'Hershey's Red'*
'Mount Seven Star'
'Sir Robert'