JARS v57n3 - Pioneer Achievement Award: Doris & Bruce Briggs

Pioneer Achievement Award: Doris & Bruce Briggs

Doris Briggs
Doris Briggs


Thanks to your dedication and commitment to research and innovation the nursery industry has a tool to grow the finest and newest selections of woody ornamentals. Your tenacity, born of complete conviction that tissue culture could be successfully applied to woody ornamentals, resulted in the advancement of rhododendron culture, propagation and distribution in America and throughout the world.

In the early 1970s, in cooperation with other nurserymen, you discovered practical methods leading to breakthroughs in woody plant tissue culture and pioneered the commercial adaptation of tissue culture techniques to rhododendrons. Your practical knowledge was a key factor in this development which revolutionized the nursery industry.

You have been active in plant propagation and distribution for over half a century. You have given generously your time and contributed plants to American Rhododendron Society chapters and conventions for many years. In the general field of horticulture your dedication, enthusiasm, skill and commitment to the sharing of knowledge have resulted in an impressive list of awards: ARS Bronze Medal, 1984; ARS Silver Medal, 1987; ARS Gold Medal, 1993; RHS Gold Medal (Veitch Memorial), 1998.

You have received 15 additional awards from plant societies and organizations, have published more than 20 articles and frequently spoke to rhododendron organizations. Although most of the awards and honors were granted in Bruce's name, your wife, Doris, deserves equal credit for her considerable role in these achievements.

It is with great pride and appreciation that the American Rhododendron Society presents this Pioneer Achievement Award to Bruce and Doris Briggs. Presented this 3rd day of May, 2003.