JARS v58n1 - Announcement of ARS Research Grants

Announcement of ARS Research Grants
Dr. Harold E. Sweetman, Chairman
ARS Research Committee
Devon, Pennsylvania

Research Grants Awarded in 2003

1. Elena Chernykh and Dr. Tatyana Novikova, Central Siberian Botanical Garden. "Collection of Winter Hardy Rhododendrons at the Central Siberian Botanical Garden in Novosibirsk, Russia." $4,185 in 2003.

2. Dr. Stan Hokanson, Department of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. "Development of a USDA Zone 4A Rhododendron Cold Hardiness Trial/Display Garden." $5,147 in 2003.

3. Frank Brouse, Brouse Nursery, Norristown, PA. "The Effect of Phosphorus in Different Formulations on the Flower Bud Formation of Rhododendrons." $1,200 in 2003.