JARS v58n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Don Wallace

Like most of us, you came to the world of rhododendrons almost by accident. You needed a few of those big flowering plants for your landscape. But you quickly discovered there's more to rhododendrons than reds, pinks, purples and whites. And you joined the American Rhododendron Society. Since your first meeting, you have become a true "rhodyholic," serving the Eureka Chapter with distinction. Your service has included three terms as president, numerous terms as vice president and program chair and uncounted stints as a volunteer at the annual truss show and plant sale, garden shows, field trips, and garden tours. You have unselfishly shared the knowledge you've developed as you learned, then began to hybridize rhododendrons and develop your own rhododendron nursery. You have been a generous contributor of both plants and know-how. You have reached out to other chapters and members of the American Rhododendron Society through your programs and your participation in regional conferences and hybridizers' meetings. For your tireless efforts and generous support of the chapter and the Society, the Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards the Bronze Medal to Don Wallace this 23rd day of October 2003.

Deanna "Dee" Daneri

You are best known to the members of Eureka Chapter as a devoted friend and hard-working volunteer in support of the chapter's varied activities and programs. You have served as one of the chief clerks at our annual flower show for many years, working hard to make sure our judges could do their jobs efficiently and quickly. You have shared your garden often during our garden tours, serving as a gracious hostess at the end of some long days. And you have shared your love of rhododendrons and your travels with us through the programs you have presented over the years. Your knowledge, experience and dynamic leadership as Executive Director of the American Rhododendron Society have modernized the Society's internal communications and re-energized its volunteer network. Your work in securing financial grants on behalf of the Society has greatly expanded its educational outreach through such programs as updated brochures and the hang-tag project. For your untiring work on behalf of the chapter and the Society, the Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards the Bronze Medal to Deanna "Dee" Daneri this 4th day of December 2003.


Joe B. Parks

The Maine Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is very pleased to present its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Joe Parks in recognition of his dedication to the Maine Chapter. Joe has generously shared his vast knowledge of rhododendrons and azaleas through chapter lectures and roundtable discussions. He has donated many of his own hybrids to our auctions, plant sales and raffles. He has served as judge and auctioneer at our spring events through the years. The chapter has benefited greatly from his research on hardy, disease-resistant rhododendrons for New England's climate and his publications on soils and nutrition for the genus Rhododendron . As a member of our Selection and Display Garden Committees, he helped guide the formation of the Proven Winners list for Maine and maintain the high standards of the garden. For all his work on our behalf, the chapter is most grateful.


Wayne and Marie Lawson

The Pilchuck Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will bestow the highest club recognition, the Bronze Medal, to Wayne and Marie Lawson on May 6th, 2004, at our club potluck. Wayne has served as the club's treasurer at least the last ten years. It has been so long, no one can remember for sure. Wayne and Marie are a wonderful, friendly team who work at every annual show and are always willing to help. They worked very hard on the 2002 Fall Conference committee in Bellingham, Washington. They have opened their gardens up on several occasions for our annual club picnic. When no one else would take responsibility for the club coffee, they stepped up to the task. Wayne and Marie work hard to generate interest in projects that will increase our knowledge and membership. Wayne works with ARS to keep the web site up to date. He invests a portion of the club treasury so it will grow and not be idle. Wayne and Marie are charter members and are definitely assets to our club. They exhibit a positive momentum that guides us in the right direction.

Lloyd and Edna Newcomb

The Pilchuck Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will bestow the highest club recognition, the Bronze Medal, to Lloyd and Edna (we call her Eddie) Newcomb on May 6th, 2004, at our club potluck. Lloyd and Eddie are a terrific team of selfless individuals who give 100 percent to disseminate their love of rhododendrons in many ways. They hold grafting sessions on their lawn overlooking a pond surrounded by beautiful flowers. They have taught us how to pot-up seedlings and cuttings as well as share them with us. They are mentors to those of us who are serious about learning the art of hybridizing. They share their knowledge with us formally in presentations and informally, one-on-one. Lloyd and Eddie have guided us with our truss displays at our annual truss show and plant sale. They donate plants for our annual sale and club auctions. They are always willing to help, and participate in club activities at all levels. Eddie is currently our secretary. They are hybridizers and have introduced numerous rhododendron hybrids. Lloyd and Eddie are charter members of the Pilchuck Chapter and we are honored to know them and be their pupils.


Kevin Rooney

The officers and Board of Directors of the Pine Barrens Chapter want to recognize you for your many years of valuable and productive involvement with the chapter. Your leadership and dedicated service to our small chapter while serving as vice president and president helped to keep the chapter focused. Your untiring effort to plan programs and get high quality speakers for the meetings enabled the membership to increase their knowledge of the genus Rhododendron . For your willingness to continue to be a major and active member and to educate yourself, chapter members and the public, we are proud to present you with our highest award in the Pine Barrens Chapter, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society. July 13, 2003.