JARS v58n2 - In Memoriam: Margery Farwell

In Memoriam: Margery Farwell
Carol Farwell Faber

Margery Farwell passed away on Jan. 16, 2004. Margery was owner of Farwell's Rhododendron Nursery in Woodside, California, for forty years. She and her husband, the late Everett Farwell, were some of the first members of the American Rhododendron Society from California and were responsible for the formation of the California Chapter. Everett was the California Chapter's first president in 1952 and was ARS Western Vice President in 1987. Margery was an elected member of the ARS Board of Directors from 1977-1980.

Everett Farwell received the Bronze Medal from the American Rhododendron Society in 1975, that being the first one given in California. Margery also received the Bronze Medal Award. Together, they helped several other chapters get started, and were officers in many of them.

Margery was preceded in death by her husband, Everett Farwell, her son Gary Farwell, and her son-in-law Ted Faber. She is survived by her daughter Carol Farwell Faber, her daughter-in-law Judith Farwell Brown (owner of Farwell & Sons Rhododendrons in Freestone, Calif.), five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, all of California.