JARS v58n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Catherine White

The Cape Cod Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present its highest honor, the Bronze Medal Award, to Catherine White. Cathy, you started as a faithful tag-a-long with Dick, graduated to making coffee, and then graciously stepped in to be president when the need arose. You have served the chapter wearing many hats from publicity to plant sales, as well as hostess for board meetings. You expended great effort to make the Regional Conference in Hyannis last fall into the success it was. You have continued to serve on the Board of Directors to guide us. Your dedication and time is much appreciated. April 25, 2004.


Pat Whittaker

The De Anza Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal, the chapter's highest award, to Pat Whittaker for her outstanding contributions to the success and vitality of the De Anza Chapter. Her enthusiasm and tireless energy have shone through in every office she has held: program chairman/vice president, secretary/ newsletter editor, and as the chapter's website administrator. However, it was outside of these roles where she excelled even further, lecturing about the genus to horticultural students at the nearby community college, organizing numerous garden tours and last year reestablishing the American Rhododendron Society's education booth at the prestigious San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. This year she again single-handedly organized the ARS educational booth, this time from her new home in Minnesota. She came back to the Bay Area to set up, man and take down the booth where the public heard California, Monterey and De Anza chapter volunteers talk about rhododendrons for five days. The chapter thanks Pat for her inspiration, creativity, and dedicated service.


Richard Aaring

Chapter President Richard Aaring has faithfully served the chapter and genus Rhododendron as an enthusiastic member and in many leadership roles. As study group chair, he developed the concept of recommended rhododendrons, a list of choice Northwest plants organized by size, color, and other characteristics. As tours chair for the 2001 ARS Convention, he arranged outstanding tour gardens, managed many other details and also wrote an outstanding guide describing and giving directions to more than twenty other Oregon gardens. More recently, Rich has served as chapter president beyond the normal term. April 10, 2004.


Tom Lloyd The Bronze Medal is awarded to Tom Lloyd for exemplary service to our chapter. Since joining this chapter, Tom has been a stalwart volunteer in our activities. Beginning with our annual plant sales, moving hundreds of plants, assisting in sales and set-up, Tom has become invaluable. His skills and patient demeanor have produced fountains and gazebos for the chapter's exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show. He has served on the board and since 2001 has been part of the troika chairing and organizing the plant sale at Morris Arboretum. His recruitment of new members and volunteers to the ARS helps assure our future. For these and other efforts on behalf of the genus Rhododendron , we express our great gratitude and bestow our highest award.

Cathy Keim

The Bronze Medal is awarded to Kathy Keim for her outstanding service over twenty-three years. Since she and her husband, Brian, joined this chapter in 1981, Cathy has twice served as its president. She has been a key crew member in the annual flower competition, has produced the chapter newsletter, and has been active in Plants for Members, in the annual plant sale, in the chapter's exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show and as a board member. Many a ribbon and trophy have gone to her entries. Cathy has hosted our Annual Meeting and Picnic and has always welcomed rhododendron enthusiasts to the impressive Keim garden, which is part of the 2004 Annual Convention tour. For her promotion of the genus Rhododendron and of the smooth workings of this chapter, we extend thanks and our highest award.

Francis and Pauline Raughley

The Bronze Medal is awarded to Francis and Pauline Raughley for indefatigable service to this Society. Francis' traveling emporium of garden books has afforded untold numbers of gardeners with access to the best and latest publications. Pauline's contributions to the meeting larder are a constant treat, and her able assistance with the annual flower competition is invaluable. Their notable garden is always open to garden enthusiasts, and in 2004 was chosen for the Annual Convention's tours. For their generosity and unceasing willingness to pitch in and work for the genus Rhododendron, for the wider world of gardening and for this chapter, we are honored to salute them with our highest award.


Mavis Haywood

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Mavis Haywood this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of her contributions to our chapter. Although Mavis has been an ARS member since 1979, she was involved practically since out chapter's inception in 1952. As secretary to our chapter's founder, Dr. Thomas F. Wheeldon, she did much to help him in his efforts as chapter secretary and president for many years, including chapter correspondence and meeting notices. In later years, she herself became the chapter secretary and continued after his death, until 1977 when she retired to Florida. In this capacity, she was instrumental in the transition of chapter leadership for continued success over the many years since that time. We will always remember her quiet presence and efforts to solidify and continue our chapter. For this we present with sincere appreciation this Bronze Medal, our chapter's highest honor. May 1, 2004.


Jim Celeri

The Noyo Chapter is proud to present the ARS Bronze Medal to Jim Celeri for your consistent enthusiasm and commitment to our chapter. Since joining 15 years ago you have unselfishly worked to promote the various activities of the chapter. For the last five years you've overseen the organization and construction of the garden scene at our show. You've been the show chairman twice. You've served on the Board of Directors for four years. On four different occasions you've served on the Nominating Committee. Notwithstanding your chapter contributions there are other reasons that merit this presentation. You've given both your expertise and plants to the community. Redwood School, Fort Bragg Stadium and Dana Gray have all had some rhodie landscaping. Most recently you helped refurbish the facilities at the agricultural program at Fort Bragg High School, including the potting benches where you made your own first rhododendron cuttings many years ago. Your giving spirit and humor help to make our chapter so enjoyable for our members. You are commended for what you've given the rest of us.

Don Celeri

The Noyo Chapter is honored to award the ARS Bronze Medal to Don Celeri for your unselfish work in the chapter and community. For fifteen years you've been willing to serve when asked. You've been vice-president of the chapter for two years. You've been the show chairman and have organized and run the plant sale at the show for the last three years. You've served on the Board of Directors for four years. You've helped encourage others to be involved by being on the Nominating Committee four times. You've been a model for others in the chapter of how to make contributions to the community as well as to the Noyo Chapter. The local schools have benefited from your contributions, with both shovel time and plant materials. Your friendly attitude with both the old-timers and the newcomers has encouraged others in the chapter to learn more about rhododendrons. This especially makes neophytes feel welcome. We have benefited from your association with the Noyo Chapter and are grateful for your generosity and commitment to our goals.


Brian A. Carter

You are a long-time member of the Society and have always displayed a wide interest in the chapter's activities and events. In 1991, you volunteered to be nominated as temporary editor of the chapter's newsletter for a trial period. Your first newsletter was published in December 1991 and the "temporary" role elapsed in the spring of 2003, after a period of twelve years! You have been at the forefront of the many changes to the chapter's publications that have been implemented over the last decade, not least of which have been the changes in computer technology that brought desk-top publishing within the grasp of smaller organisations such as ours. Whilst this type of computer software is a most useful tool, it has sometimes been a mixed blessing. We know that you have spent many frustrating hours overcoming page-making problems, loss of text and program crashes. During your time as editor we have seen the newsletter gradually change from a corner-stapled A4 format to an A5 booklet format with colour cover and colour photographic content. The experience gained from these changes provided the incentive for the introduction of the chapter's first Yearbook in 1998, a publication that continues to be of interest to the wider ARS membership. You have written many articles for the chapter's publications and edited the soft-back "World of Rhododendrons" publication that was colour-printed for the 1996 ARS national meeting held in Oban, Argyll. More recently you have agreed to your nomination as the chapter's Director of Research. The directors are delighted to present to Brian A. Carter the Scottish Rhododendron Society's highest award, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society, our parent body. Given at Oban this day 8th May, 2004.


Dr. Joe Harvey

The Victoria Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Dr. Joe Harvey in recognition of his many outstanding contributions to the world of rhododendrons. Joe has used his great knowledge of botany and his skills as a writer, speaker, grower and hybridizer to enrich the lives of those involved in studying and cultivating the genus Rhododendron . Joe was a botany professor specializing in plant genetics at Dalhousie University in Halifax for many years. He and his wife, Linda, retired in 1990 and moved to Victoria, British Columbia. He was on the executive of the society from 1992 through 1995 and served as president of the society in 1994 and 1995. Prior to that, Joe was a highly regarded member of the Rhododendron Society of Canada. Joe is a hybridizer of rhododendrons, and other genera. He is a regular contributor of seed to the Seed Exchange of the American Rhododendron Society. His writings have appeared many times in the Journal of the ARS and his regular articles for the newsletter of the VRS greatly enhance the quality of this publication. Joe has often served as a judge of the society's annual show and has been an enthusiastic participant in all of the activities of the society. The Victoria Rhododendron Society is honoured to have Joe as a member and is delighted to acknowledge all of his many talents by this award of the Bronze Medal.