JARS v58n3 - Silver Medal Award: Bob Dickhout

Silver Medal Award: Bob Dickhout

Bob Dickhout
Bob Dickhout

You have made many major contributions to District 12, Rhododendron Society of Canada. For many years you have been a member of the National Executive, RSC, and dedicated much time and energy to ensure the well being of the organization's infrastructure. As Treasurer, you recorded memberships for all three chapters of the RSC, sent out renewal notices, and wrestled with the attendant bookkeeping.

You helped ensure the flow of revenue to the National to support its funding needs by striking an alliance with the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario and its annual plant sale. This effort has also helped expose the genus Rhododendron to more plant lovers. You have guided the Society through Revenue Canada tax audits. You have managed the annual flower show and given many talks throughout Southern Ontario on various aspects of rhododendron culture using your formal education in agricultural science to enhance these talks.

For your selfless contributions and exceptional service, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Silver Medal to Bob Dickhout, May 15, 2004, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.