JARS v59n2 - The Perfect Gift: Rhododendron Stamps from Bhutan

The Perfect Gift: Rhododendron Stamps from Bhutan

On Christmas 2004, Dr. Paul Anderson of Napa, California, received the perfect gift for a rhodophile: a framed set of rhododendron stamps from Bhutan from his former college classmate Marty Anderson of Northbrook, Illinois. Paul is the ARS District 5 Director, and Marty is the ARS Rhododendron & Azalea News editor.

Rhododendron stamps from Bhutan
The rhododendrons on the stamps from Bhutan are: R. arboreum (top left),
R. niveum
(top right), R. dalhousiae (middle left), R. glaucophyllum (middle right),
R. barbatum
(lower left), and R. grande (lower right).
Photo by Paul Anderson

The stamps were acquired by Marty's friend and lawyer Suzanne Dallmeyer while on a trekking trip in Bhutan. All of the rhododendrons depicted on the stamps grow in Paul's garden in Eureka, California, except for two; Rhododendron dalhousiae and R. glaucophyllum , which he could also grow there. He has five varieties of R. arboreum . His R. niveum is one he obtained from Lester Brandt in the 1970s and grows well in Eureka. His R. grande is about 15 feet high and has a nice cream-colored truss like the one on the stamp. He also has R. protistum with wide leaves somewhat like the one on the stamp.