QBARS - v5n2 A Pennsylvania Rhododendron Garden

A Pennsylvania Rhododendron Garden
Elvin F. Conrad, Valley View, Penna.

Twenty or more years ago when I purchased my first rhododendrons I had to transplant them many times, for during those first years I knew nothing about the culture of these plants. Since I did not know for sure just how to handle them I was really never at ease as to their welfare. Little information was to be had in our section and I can tell you, much misinformation about rhododendrons was in circulation. Finally I went into the woods and gathered some oak leaves and used it as a mulch, though I meant it mostly for winter protection of the plant and roots. I can say now that this was just luck on my part for the next Spring the rhododendrons started to pick up and look much better.

About this time I made an effort to gather some publications on rhododendron and did some study on the genus which includes also the Azalea. I can now report that I have a very fine display of bloom and every spring many of my friends visit our valley of rhododendron.

My collection now has over thirty hybrids and many plants of the species R. maximum . All the plants are doing nicely. It appears as if there will be another fine season of bloom this Spring and I am looking forward to seeing them.