QBARS - v5n3 Rhododendrons that Received Awards from the American Rhododendron Society in 1951

Rhododendrons That Received Awards From The A.R.S. In 1951

Rhododendron 'Stoplight' ( griersonianum x 'Cornubia'), P.A., April 19, 1951
Flowers: 11-13 borne on a slender rachis. Pedicels, glandular, one inch long. Calyx crimson less than ⅛ inch.
Corolla: Funnel campanulate, 3 inches wide, 3 inches long. Five lobes with the upper lobe faintly blotched. Color H.C.C. Geranium Lake (20/1).
Petals: 5, 1¼ inches long, 1¼-1½ inches wide slightly notched.
Stamens: 8-9 uneven length, 1¾ inches, glandular at the base. Pink changing to dark crimson near the base.
Style: Curved, protrudes over the petals, glabrous.
Ovary: Densely covered with greyish glands, six chambered.
Leaves: Oblong elliptic, rounded at the base, 6½ inches long, 1¾ inches wide. Slightly rugulose midrib impressed, dark green above and paler yellow green beneath.
Grown and exhibited by Rudolph Henny, Brooks, Oregon.

Rhododendron 'Ruby F. Bowman' ( fortunei x 'Lady Bligh'), P. A., May 5, 1951
Flowers: 13-15 with finely puberulent pedicels two inches long.
Corolla: 4½ inches wide 1½ inches long, 6 to 7 lobes undulate and recurving. Color H.C.C. Tyrian rose (24/1-2). The throat is H.C.C. Ox blood red to Ruby red 823/27 with a few spots of the later color.
Calyx: Crimson, narrow, oblique rim with 6-7 rounded to ovate short lobes with a few small glandular edges.
Stamens: 12-14, lower half of filaments soft, pubescent.
Pistil: Stigma, red matching the throat; style is pubescent; ovary densely puberulent.
Leaves: Lamina oblong, elliptic, apex acute, shortly pointed; base rounded to cuneate; 4-7 inches long, 1½-2 inches wide. Light green beneath, darker green above, glabrous. The petioles are red; stems heavy. All new growth is very puberulent with clear glands.
Exhibit by John S. Druecker, Fort Bragg, California. This hybrid was grown from seed sown by John S. Druecker. The seed was obtained from Ruby F. Bowman who picked the capsules in 1940.

('Britannia' x griersonianum ) X 'Loderi' , P. A., May 5, 1951
Flowers: 17-18. Pedicels glandular 1½ inch long. Calyx minute.
Corolla: Funnel campanulate, 4 inches long, 3 inches wide, five lobed. Color H.C.C. Phlox pink 625/3. Throat deeper 625/1.
Petals: 5, ½ long distinctly split at apex.
Stamens: 9-11 uneven length glandular ½ their length.
Style: Curved 2 inches glandular the entire length.
Leaves: oblanceolate 7 inches long by 1¾ inch wide. Green above and somewhat paler beneath.
Exhibited by Marshall Lyons, Eugene, Oregon.

'Britannia' x griersonianum , P. A., May 5, 1951
Flowers: 12-13 Pedicels almost 2 inches. Calyx 1/16 inch.
Corolla: Funnel campanulate 4½ inches wide, 3 inches long, five lobed. Color, H.C.C. Claret Rose 021/1 Throat deeper to 021.
Petals: ¾ inch rounded.
Stamens: 9-11 filaments red.
Style: red, glandular ½ its length, exerted.
Leaves: Dark green; smooth, pale underneath, covered with a indumentum soon detersile. 6 inches long, 1½ inches wide.
Exhibited by George Grace, Portland, Oregon. Seeds obtained from England and grown by Mr. Grace.

Rhododendron 'Vampire' ('Britannia' x 'Fabia'), P. A., May 25, 1951
Flowers: 9-11 in a terminal umbel. Distinct 5 lobed calyx ⅛ long.
Corolla: Funnel campanulate, 3½ inches wide, 2¼ long. Color H.C.C. Current Red (82). In opening the buds are Chrysanthemum Red (H.C.C. 824).
Petals: 5, 1 inch long.
Stamens: 9-11.
Leaves: Narrowly elliptic up to 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. The underside covered by a brownish farinose indumentum.
Grown and exhibited by Arthur Wright, Oak Grove, Oregon.