JARS v63n2 - In Memoriam: Margaret (Peggy) Crane

In Memoriam: Margaret (Peggy) Crane
Cascade Chapter

Peggy, along with her ever-present husband, Doug, attended every meeting and our Annual Flower Show with enthusiasm and vigor, bringing armloads of flowers. They were present at set up and tear down and at the clean up, always with a smile and congratulations to the winners or a hug to the losers. Their working as a team earned them the chapter's highest honor, an ARS Bronze Medal.

The Cranes joined our chapter as Charter Members in May of 1993. Peggy left our chapter on December 22, 2008, at the young age of 87, after a long and trying illness. Peggy was born in Buhl, Idaho, and attended the University of Idaho and graduated from Stanford Nursing School at Pasadena, Calif. She became a U.S. Army nurse during W.W.II, and again recalled to duty in the Korean conflict. She married Doug in 1950, and leaves a great family of five children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

One of her passions was needlepoint which she willingly shared with the other Cascade Chapter members by supplying some of her art as awards at our flower shows, which we cherish greatly.