JARS v63n2 - From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director
Laura Grant
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laura Grant
Laura Grant

As the days get longer and the bulbs start peaking through the soil, we look towards those warm spring days in our garden among our beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas. But this winter has not been without the rhododendron blooms thanks to my two vireyas in the greenhouse. I am now hooked. These two plants bloomed repeatedly until I allowed them to go to seed.

"The Rhododendron of the Year Awards 2009" has been published in the winter Journal. With the similar layout, we printed color postcards in 2007. They were outstanding success and sold out in a short period of time. If a nursery or an individual would like to sponsor such a printing, please contact our office.

All 2008 members have been mailed the winter Journal. This is to accommodate those who, for whatever reason, forgot to send the membership payment in November and December. The spring issue will be mailed to 2009 members only, so please send your membership money to your chapter as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new editor Dr. Glen Jamieson who is also an expert vireya grower. I am also delighted that Sonja is still with us, to support Glen and lend her expertise to production of our Journal.

I look foreword to meeting with you in Everett, Washington, 30 April.